Worthy tips to maximize your workers’ compensation claim

The majority of us understand just the basics of workers’ compensation, that when an employee gets injured on the job, they’re compensated for the work they miss due to the injury. But there’s more to workers’ compensation than just this. Both employees and employers need to know the details of workers’ compensation so that they can make the most out of such a claim. 

Without workers’ comp benefits, things can often get difficult after a workplace injury. Here are a few worthy tips that you should keep in mind to make the most out of your workers’ comp claim. 

  • Report the injury immediately

The foremost thing that you should do after a work injury is to report it to your immediate supervisor or manager. Every state has its rule that requires workers to notify about their injuries and damage within a certain deadline. This is called the statute of limitations and it varies from one state to another. There are a few states where you will need to file a workers’ comp claim form within a fixed date to start your claim officially. 

  • Get instant medical treatment

You should immediately seek medical treatment after the injury. Instant medical care can lead to quicker and better recovery. This also plays the role of vital medical evidence in your claim by maintaining a document of your injuries and restrictions. Whenever you delay getting treatment, the insurance company can argue that you were not as critically injured as you said you were. 

  • Choose to change doctors

There are many states where workers should initially get themselves treated by a doctor that is chosen by an insurance company. Whenever you treat yourself with the doctor of the insurance company, there is a conflict of interest. The doctors are usually paid by the insurance companies and might not always be in your best interests. This doctor could minimize your injuries and treatment so that the company won’t have to pay you a huge amount. Since the treating doctor plays a vital role in the workers’ comp case, you could choose to switch doctors for getting the best treatment. 

  • Be prepared for IME

Unlike the appointment of a regular doctor, an IME or Independent Medical Examination doesn’t concentrate on treating the injury. The insurance firm will appoint a doctor to perform the examination, review the medical records and issue the report on time. This report will give you a summary of the opinion of the doctor on your diagnosis,  the work restrictions that will follow,  and the relationship between your work and your injury.  However,  you need to know that insurance companies schedule IMEs whenever they wish to terminate or reduce the benefits of workers’ compensation. Therefore,  it is vital to prepare for the IME by predicting the trickiest questions and reviewing all your medical reports.

Now that you are aware of the basics and the intricate details of workers’ compensation benefits,  you should utilize them whenever you sustain an injury in your workplace. In case of doubts,  get in touch with the workers’ compensation lawyer.