Why Do You Need to Turn Off Your Ad Blockers?

Have you ever found yourself reading through a blog or an online article only to have your experience interrupted by different ads? Or have you even tried to watch a video on an informational site, only to be asked to turn off your ad blockers?

Closing out different ads is not entirely appealing for most people, which is why they turn on ad blockers. They are software that eliminates advertisements from popping up on the web pages and allows users to browse without worrying about the constant need to close an ad.

How Do Ad Blockers Work?

Ad blockers work in the same way that filters on a website do. When users access a website, the ad blocker will quickly run a filter test and determine whether that website is on an allow list or block list. If the website is on an allow list, then the ad block will not block any of the content on the website. But if it is on the block list, it will not allow the website to load the content in its entirety.

Sure, it sounds pretty enticing, but did you know that ad blockers will prevent certain websites from running to their full potential? Not only that. But did you also know that web page creators depend on those ads to make money from viewers? Blocking ads may provide a better web browsing experience, but keep reading to find out why you need to turn off your ad blockers.

  • Webpages Will Not Load Correctly

Ad Blockers work by blocking certain aspects of a website. Turning an ad blocker on can prevent users from accessing a specific video they are trying to watch. Similarly, images may incorrectly load when an ad blocker is turned on. In most cases, ad blockers restrict some contents, including images or certain web forms.

Some websites require you to turn off ad blockers before allowing you to continue browsing. According to the New York Times, websites set in place an automatic system that helps them detect whether there is an ad blocker turned on by the user. If there is, they will prevent the user from being able to continue browsing the website until the user turns off the ad blocker.

  • New Windows Will Not Open

Some websites require that users turn off the ad blockers so that they may open up a new window for the user. For example, specific payment portals will require that a new window be accessed to enter payment information. With the ad blockers on, that new window not open.

  • Websites Require Ads to Make a Profit

Did you know that websites make money based on the ads that are on their website? If everyone turns on their ad blockers, then websites would not have any profit from ads, making it very difficult for them to continue making any money. This could potentially mean that some of the websites we all frequent could be at risk of shutting down if they are no longer profiting.


Think about all of the blog websites for recipes. Most of them are covered in ads, and to get to the actual recipe, the users must scroll down to the bottom, passing all of the ads on the webpage. That is because the blog’s owner doesn’t receive any money for sharing their valuable recipes unless users make it to the end of the page and pass by the ads.

Content creators and users are in an ongoing battle. Most users do not even know this exists. If all ads were blocked, nobody on the internet would make any money. Therefore, nobody would create content, and users would miss out on their favorite websites’ information.

Turn Off Your Ad Blockers

Ad blockers have some upsides, such as protecting your privacy and increasing security to your information on the internet. With those benefits, though, there are downsides to consider when you turn on your ad blocker.

Depending on what type of browsing you do, it is necessary to turn off your ad blockers. Whether you gather information from a video or an image or allow a new window to pop, gaining knowledge on how to turn off your ad blockers is very beneficial.

Thankfully, Brave has put together instructions on how to do just that, no matter what browser you use. Just click on the link, and you will be redirected to a page that will show you how to turn off your ad blockers.