Why Do Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II Live Separately?


Prince Philip and Princess Elizabeth have been living separate lives for almost 60 years. The Queen lives in Buckingham Palace while Philip lives in Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate. The Queen has been a staunch supporter of the arts, but she doesn’t want her husband to feel lonely and isolated. As a result, she has encouraged Philip to pursue his artistic passions and hobbies, including painting. The couple also likes to ride horseback around the estate.

Never fell in love

While Philip and Elizabeth were never in love, they did have several encounters before falling in love. Their friendship began when Prince Philip attended the wedding of his third cousin, the future Queen of England. The pair met several times before the couple married, and the relationship developed over time. Their first meeting was at the coronation in 1937. The two were 13 and 18 when they got engaged. The royal couple was intermingled in Europe, as nearly all royal families have a common ancestor. The couple met again while attending the Royal Naval College in 1939 when the queen was only thirteen. During this time, Philip impressed her with his tennis skills and encouraged her to play them. The two were married on November 20, 1947. However, they have spent less time together in recent years.

Childhood was different

Their first meeting was at the royal wedding in 1934. Their relationship began five years later, in 1939 when they were both 18 and 13. Both of them were attending Royal Naval College as cadets, and Elizabeth was in her early teens. While they shared a common upbringing, their childhoods were vastly different. For example, Philip grew up in France and Germany, while his parents lived in England. He spent his childhood away from his parents. He served in the Mediterranean during World War II. The couple was married on Nov. 14, 1948, and had four children together. In 1951, they became separated. The two later remarried in 1952. Their marriage was celebrated by the British public and their royal families. The two were considered to be ideal matches. They had no children but still managed to have a number of great-grandchildren.

The perfect match

Their marriage was a long-lasting commitment that has endured centuries. They were a perfect match. During the war, Elizabeth was educated at home, and both of them studied at a university in London. Her father-in-law had to attend Gordonstoun School. Although both of them were educated, they were not able to meet well, but Philip was the more socially outgoing of the two. The two met when they were only eight years old, and they married the following year. They dated for a year before their marriage and married in May 1949. The wedding was a huge event for both women. They had many children, but their marriage lasted until she was seventy-three. Their parents met on a trip to Rome in 1957, and the couple began to live apart.


The couple’s lives are different. They were married a decade later and were separated by more than 100 miles. They were not close in age, but their relationship was based on a mutual love for each other. And their royal status allowed them to live in separate houses. They had no children, and the marriage made them inseparable. Prince Philip and Elizabeth were married in 1934 and were divorced in 1967. The couple had four children, the Duke and the Princess of Wales, and ten great-grandchildren. The Royal couple was not together for long, but they still had close ties. They also had three sons, the Queen of the United Kingdom and the Duke of Cambridge.

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