Where Did Prince Charles and Princess Diana Have Their Infamous Honeymoon?

The famous honeymoon of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is one of the most famous royal weddings in history. The couple married in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, where Princess Diana wore a custom bridal gown designed by British designers. The dress had a 25-foot train and was adorned with pearls and crystals. There are several places where the couple honeymooned, including the National Constitution Center and the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia. They also spent some time in Scotland at the Balmoral Castle. The royal honeymoon lasted several weeks. The couple was on a 14-day cruise aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia with a crew of more than 200 men. The yacht was staffed with 21 naval officers, royal staff, and royal servants, all of whom worked for the Prince. The palace also maintained that the marriage was “permanent.”

The couple’s relationship was not happy

The infamous royal honeymoon was very personal, as both Diana and Charles had an age gap of 12 years. They were accompanied by a large group of men and officers, including the QUEEN. The royals’ honeymoon, however, ended in divorce. They divorced just a year later. The couple’s relationship was not a happy one, and Princess Diana was very unhappy with the way her life was managed. Their wedding was very unique from most royal marriages. Diana and Prince Charles had an extraordinary and unconventional relationship, which was surrounded by intrigue and scandal. The royal honeymoon was a whirlwind of events. The engagement was announced to the press when the couple were still young, and it was a shock to her because she thought it was a joke. The Times even knew about it before it was confirmed, and the entire wedding was publicly broadcast to the world.

The tour was highly controversial

The royal honeymoon was very public. The couple’s tour in Australia was extremely controversial. During the trip, the royals had to deal with thousands of people. They were not as popular as they had been before, and it wasn’t long before Charles and Diana’s public image was damaged. They both had their share of problems during their honeymoon. The famous royal couple had a tumultuous marriage. The couple’s first affair had led to their separation and their sexy marriage. The royals were known to cheat, but they did not make it public. The royals were married in 1981. The first child, Prince William, died in 1997.

The honeymoon was famous

Prince Charles and Diana’s honeymoon was famous for several reasons. The royals had a 14-day cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia. The royal couple also had more than 200 men working on the cruise. They were joined by the QUEEN, who later separated and divorced. The famous royal couple had a famous honeymoon in South Africa. Upon their return, they welcomed their first child, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis. Their first child, Harry, was born in September 1984. The royals had their second child, Prince George, in 1990. The first child was named after their parents. The second was named Diana’s brother, Andrew Parker Bowles. The couple separated in 1992, and the last one, Harry, was born in 1991.


The famous royal couple took their honeymoon in July 1981. The trip lasted several weeks. The newlyweds would spend a couple of days in Broadlands, Charles’ great uncle’s country house. They would then go on a Mediterranean cruise on the Royal Yacht Britannia. The next stop was their famous island retreat in the Isle of Man. The famous couple had their famous honeymoon in a secret cove in Crete. The royal yacht had a crew of 307 members to attend to their every need. They spent most of their evenings on the top deck of the ship. The romantic trip was a hit and the royals enjoyed every minute.