What’s so amazing about Vertu smartphones??

In 1998, Nokia’s Vertu business produced mobile phones for the affluent and famous. It seems sensible to spend $20,000 on a watch, but why not on a phone?”

By the end of the year, the organization had 350,000 customers and 500 retail outlets on its records. Despite their high vertu phone price in india, what sets these phones distinct from the competition? Examine it, will we?

1. There is no harm to the screen

A 130-carat Sapphire crystal is used to make the screen, which is the second hardest material on Earth. In their opinion, a 200g steel ball, dropped from one meter, would not shatter it. Diamond is the only thing that can scratch it. After investing a large amount of money, you don’t want to wind up with a computer with a cracked screen.

2. The case’s rear is made of fine leather.

The finest European tanneries were employed to choose the leather for the back casing. When handled, it has a majestic look and a plush feel. It also has a nice fragrance. No need to protect the back of it.

3. An Exceptional Sense Of Touch

Titanium and aluminum alloys are used in the construction of this gadget to guarantee its long-term durability. Because of the ceramic cushion that surrounds the Earpiece, the audio is enhanced. The feeling of holding a Vertu phone will make you smile. This phone feels hefty in the hand since it is twice as heavy as a conventional ninitepro.

4. Make sure your PC has the most recent software.

It’s powered by Android, which is always getting new versions. Using a light Vertu-customized skin over Android, he provides you with the latest security features and other Vertu exclusives storysavernet.

5. Surround Sound using Dolby Atmos

Front-facing Stereo speakers can be found on the phone’s top and bottom speakers. When you listen to Dolby Digital Plus sound through their speakers, it seems as if you’re really in the presence of an actual event. The noise canceling qualities of this Microphone is excellent. Their high-quality ringtones are the work of the London Orchestra. That means you won’t have the ability to find the perfect match for your phone’s ringtone

6. The camera is fantastic

Vertu’s cellphones are equipped with cameras that have been authorized by Hasselblad. For professional photographers, there is no better name than Hasselblad. You couldn’t even identify a problem in any of their photos.

7. In support of the World SIM

What makes SIM so special?” “It’s on every phone,” says the ad. No! In a Vertu gadget, the use of a SIM card is a really fantastic experience. With vertu phone price in india, you may use practically all of the GSM bands throughout the world. Because of this, you will be able to use a SIM card from any service provider in any country. So it’s a phone for those who often travel.

8. Awe-inspiring display.

The display is an AMOLED WQHD. Reading and seeing everything will be easy because to the 530+ PPI of the screen. The screen is shielded from harm by a layer of scratch-resistant glass.