What to look for when choosing bucket car seats?

Modern car seats are extremely diverse. On the market, there are available innovative models in different patterns and colors. The choice is really huge, but the decision to buy a new car seat for your Porsche should not be hasty, especially if you are considering a bucket seat. A sports car requires attention to detail, which contributes to comfort and the feeling you have while driving. Car seats produced today must meet many safety requirements. This is the main reason why modern bucket seats consist of over 100 different parts.

Seat design matters

There are two things to consider when buying a car: comfort and safety. When choosing new car seats, you should also pay attention to these aspects. In the case of bucket seats, comfort and safety depend on the appropriate seat design, functional solutions, and materials used. Buying the first chair spotted on the Internet in the hope everything will fit is not a good solution.

And believe me, it won’t fit. When replacing car seats, consider your individual requirements and the way the car will be used. Bucket seats, that will suit everyday use, won’t be a good choice in a car intended for motorsport where road approval is necessary.

What is road approval?

Road-approved bucket seats are marked by a one-piece structure, and they don’t offer the possibility to bend the backrest back. They are responsible for securing high driving comfort and safety in case of an accident on the track. Obtaining the road approval for a bucket seat is not such an easy task. It is necessary to obtain a positive result in specially prepared tests.

Select the type of bucket seat

Bucket seats are meant to be light and durable while surprising their owner with quality and at the same time. There are three types of bucket seat construction available on the market. The most frequently chosen construction is the one created using a fiberglass mold. It’s extremely light, although not the lightest. Do you want a super light construction? Then the winner is the carbon fiber construction with the addition of Kevlar.

Unfortunately, such material is expensive, which significantly affects the price of this type of car seat. If you are on a tighter budget, choose bucket seats based on a tubular structure covered with foams. They are not as common as the ones mentioned above, but they will certainly work well.

Are bucket seats for you? – advantages and disadvantages of bucket seats

Car seats have their advantages, which of course are easy to accept, but they also have some less acceptable disadvantages. Before you choose an elegant seat for your car, check if its weaknesses don’t affect your comfort while driving or don’t bother you in the long run. Replacing the element you have just purchased with a new one is probably not your aim. Let’s focus on the positives. What are the advantages of bucket seats?

  • appropriate profiling
  • ensuring your stable driving posture
  • the feeling of the car’s work
  • guarantee of safety in dangerous situations
  • lightness which affects the performance of the car

Buy car seats from a trusted seller

Porsche cars are created with extreme precision. Their creators take care of every detail because they know what kind of driving experiences their future drivers expect. Buying fittings or parts such as car seats from unknown sources may be a straightforward way to a disaster. Order them only from proven sources with a good reputation. There you will receive a guarantee of the originality of selected parts.

This is extremely important, especially when you are renovating an old Porsche model. The use of not original parts makes it impossible to apply for recognition of the car as an antiquity.