What Role Does Your Truck Accident Lawyer Play In Helping You Seek Compensation?

Seeking compensation after a truck accident is challenging. Truck accidents tend to be more complicated because of the possibility of several parties being involved, the large proportions of the truck leading to more severe injuries, and insurance company tactics. As a result, many victims that do not have legal support end up with a low settlement or have their claim dismissed. 

Hiring an experienced attorney ensures that you can overcome legal obstacles that you may face while navigating the process with ease. The expertise of a truck accident attorney can benefit you significantly. 

What is the role of your truck accident attorney?

  • Investigation. 

The attorney conducts a thorough investigation to determine the party at fault. It may be the truck driver that engages in negligent acts such as distracted or drunk driving, an error made by the manufacturer, or lack of maintenance, among other reasons. Depending on the cause of the accident, your attorney helps determine the liable party. They also prove that they were negligent and breached the duty of care they owed you. 

  • Collecting evidence. 

Evidence is crucial in personal injury cases to determine the liable party and prove the damages incurred. Attorneys gather useful evidence such as footage from the CCTV camera at the accident scene and a copy of the police report to understand the details of the accident. They also contact and interview witnesses. Gathering your medical reports and taking pictures of your damaged vehicle can help prove your damages. 

  • Estimating your damages. 

Your attorney ensures that you consider all your damages, including the ones you will incur in the future because of the accident. They help you estimate the actual value of your claim by taking into account your medical expenses, vehicle repair and restoration costs, lost wages because of injuries, and emotional pain and suffering. Their presence prevents you from accepting a settlement lower than the amount you deserve. 

  • Negotiation. 

Insurance companies use aggressive tactics to reduce or dismiss your claim. A skilled attorney is aware of such tactics and negotiates with the insurance firm on your behalf. They understand the consequences of a reduced claim on your future and do not accept an unfair settlement. If the negotiations end in disagreement, they are equipped to legally represent you in court. 

Choose a truck accident attorney in Albuquerque with the right qualifications and dedication. They should be dedicated to helping you seek your rightful compensation and guide you throughout the legal procedure.