What is the basis of the CAT Exam syllabus for Ace CAT 2022?


For admission to the graduate management program, there is a test conducted called CAT (common admission test). The students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees are eligible for the CAT exam. This exam is computer-based, as the pattern changed because of the pandemic. The CAT exam syllabus is somewhat similar to the other competitive examinations.

Syllabus of CAT 2022

The CAT exam syllabus mostly focuses on the concepts of mathematics and English. There is no definite or generalized syllabus of CAT from the IIMs. So, based on the previous syllabus patterns, the students need to focus on the most common questions which can be asked.

The syllabus of the CAT exam is divided into three sections:

  • VARC
  • DILR
  • Quantitative Aptitude

Each subject has its weightage in the CAT examination. Also, for the timely completion of the paper, each subject is specified a time limit to complete it.

Key components for CAT 2022

  1. The time allotted to complete the CAT exam is 2 hours.
  2. A total of 66 questions would be asked in the exam.
  3. The mode of examination will be computer-based.
  4. Per section time allotted would be 40 minutes.

Analysis of CAT Syllabus 2022

To appear in the CAT exam 2022, students should have proper knowledge of each syllabus. The students need to go through the topics that would help them in their CAT preparation for 2022, and they will be able to identify their weaknesses and strengths accordingly.

Syllabus for VARC

The VARC section is the first section of the CAT exam and should be completed in 40 minutes.

Here is the list of some of the topics with their weightage that should be covered by students preparing for CAT 2022 exams:

          TOPICS          WEIGHTAGE
   Jumbled Paragraph         10%
Facts-inferences-judgments         10%
Verbal Reasoning         24%
Reading Comprehension         24%
Summary Questions         10%

Syllabus for DILR

The Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning is the second section of the CAT examination pattern. This section is divided into two sub-sections of the syllabus:

Data Interpretation in which the data will be provided in graphs or charts, and students need to interpret the result thereof.

Logical Reasoning in which the information will be given in a non-structural manner, and the students will be asked to structure the information and derive the outcome.

Here is the list of some of the topics, and each topic carries an equal weightage that is of 16%, that students should go through while preparing for CAT 2022 exams:

Tables Caselets Logical sequence
Bar graphs Line charts Syllogism
Column Graphs Venn Diagrams Logical Connectives
Pie charts Calendars Blood relations
Number and Letter series Clocks Binary Logic
Cubes Seating arrangements Logical Matching

Syllabus for QA

Quantitative Aptitude is the third section of the CAT exams. This section asks the maximum portion of the question, covering all related mathematics that all have studied in school. It includes topics like algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and many more such related topics.

Here is the list of some of the topics, and each topic carries an equal weightage of 24% that students can go through while preparing for the CAT 2022 exams:

Number systems HCF and LCM Time and work Mixtures and allegations
Speed, time, and distance Set theory and functions Permutations and combinations Coordinate geometry
Averages Percentage Geometry Complex numbers
Linear equations Mensuration Trigonometry Time and work
Surds and indices Probability Inequalities Profit, loss, and discount

The students who will be preparing or are preparing for the CAT exams will not find the syllabus on the official website. They need to get their base strong because the question asked in the paper are all solvable since it tests the candidate’s knowledge of the basics. So, therefore every student should be clear with their basics before appearing for the CAT exam. They also need to go through the CAT exam syllabus before starting their preparations which will give them an idea of the paper.

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