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Vudu is a streaming service that is available on various different devices, including televisions, DVD players, and PCs. It offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows. In addition, it also offers support for UltraViolet and Movies Anywhere.

Offers a variety of movies and TV shows

Vudu is a content delivery service, like Netflix, that allows you to watch movies and TV shows on your computer or mobile device. The company’s website offers a huge selection of films and TV shows, including both popular and lesser-known titles.

In addition to streaming movies and TV shows, Vudu also offers additional services. For example, you can use the service’s Kids Mode to limit access to adult content, or purchase individual episodes of your favorite television shows.

You can view videos on a range of devices, including Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony, and LG smart TVs. Vudu can also be accessed through an Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or Tivo.

There are several ways to sign up for a free Vudu account. However, you will be required to link a credit card or PayPal account to your new account.

Supports UltraViolet and Movies Anywhere

If you have a Vudu account, you can enjoy movies from both UltraViolet and Movies Anywhere. However, the two services are not exactly interchangeable.

While Movies Anywhere is a streaming movie service, UltraViolet is a digital rights locker. That is, it allows you to store and share digital codes with up to five people.

UltraViolet was launched in October 2011, and it sparked a great deal of interest among home media connoisseurs. It was included on Blu-ray packages and allowed customers to access and play content on compatible devices. Eventually, more retailers dropped the service, including Barnes and Noble.

Movies Anywhere is a more user-friendly service that allows you to stream, buy, and import UltraViolet movies. There are over seven hundred titles available, including films from Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and 20th Century Fox.

Has a mobile app

Vudu is a digital video service that offers a variety of entertainment options, including catalog movies and television shows. You can browse for free or pay to view content.

Vudu’s mobile app allows you to watch movies on your phone, tablet, or laptop. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

You can use the app to search for free and paid movies. In addition, you can purchase a disc from Vudu or download a movie from your own library. When you’re ready to watch your favorite film, simply scan the barcode on the box or case with the Vudu app.

After scanning, you’ll be able to see a description of the film along with the main cast and crew. You’ll also be able to add the title to your library, and choose the quality of the video.

Sets of parental controls

Sets of parental controls for Vudu help guardians manage the content their children access. Vudu offers parental control features based on the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) rating system and Common Sense Media metadata.

In addition to protecting the family from objectionable content, Vudu is also making it easier for parents to watch movies and TV shows. With the Family Play feature, parents can bypass objectionable scenes or content by muting them or skipping them entirely.

Another new feature, called Kids Mode, will provide children with a limited selection of TV shows and movies. They can then choose to watch them or block them out completely with a PIN code.

Parents can also protect their kids from inappropriate content by limiting their use of devices during certain hours of the day. Smart TVs can also be set up to prevent live programming from being viewed. This can be accomplished by blocking channels with a red prohibition sign or a green lock symbol.

Lacks original content

Vudu is a streaming service owned by Walmart. It is available on Xbox, PlayStation, mobile devices, and web browsers. Currently, it offers over 200,000 titles. Many of them are free.

The company has invested heavily in building the service into a legitimate streaming platform. This includes developing original shows. In addition, the company has signed production deals with companies like MGM, Viacom, and Studio71. These shows can be watched on Vudu, and the company is also working on more devices.

However, the company’s customer base is not growing as quickly as it should be. The company does not offer subscription services, and its audience is not big enough to draw in advertisers.

Some have questioned whether Walmart is committed to streaming. One of the most recent reports said that executives at the company have debated whether they will continue to invest in the service.