What Caused Camilla Parker Bowles And Prince Charles To Break Up?

The break-up between Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles was a major source of speculation in the public. The royal couple divorced in 1994, but Camilla returned to the public’s eye soon after, appearing in public together. While her marriage to Charles lasted for seven years, Camilla had relationships with other men, including James Hewitt, whom she later married. The couple had previously dated others, including Andrew Parker Bowles, and were often spotted at polo matches. However, their secret time together at Broadlands, the country home of Lord Mountbatten, was a definite cause for the break-up. In 1973, Camilla was due to leave for the Navy on HMS Frigate, which meant that Charles was not able to express his feelings to his wife. But Camilla and Bowles managed to reconnect and sparked public speculation about their future together.

Establishing friendships

Their relationship began at a polo match in 1972. According to Brandreth, the couple met after a mutual friend introduced them. Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter of a former Chilean ambassador to the UK, introduced the two. The two dated for a year and a half before abruptly calling off their relationship. After the break-up, the royal couple maintained their friendship. The relationship was characterized by secrets and mutual respect. The Prince was a strong and protective husband, while Camilla was insecure about her feelings. The relationship was in its early stages, but the adage “a man’s best friend is his brother’s best friend” is particularly true.

Both were elite

The first major reason that Camilla and Prince Charles broke up was their age. They were just 21 years old when they met and fell in love with each other. They eventually married in May 1973 after dating for a year. They were both aristocratic and socialites, and the prince had a reputation for being a great lover. A third reason that Camilla and Prince Charles split was that they weren’t happy in their marriage. They were living separately for a couple of years before the split. The two separated after Camilla got pregnant, but the relationship continued for a few years. They even had separate homes. During this time, they married the king of Greece.

The relationship between the two was intense

The royal couple met at a polo match in 1972, and had been dating for a year before the breakup. The relationship between the two was so intense that the royals were still close friends in real life. Despite the split, the couple remained close friends. Their relationship was a “touchstone” for each other, and they remained close to one another. The two met at a polo match in 1972, and after a brief courtship, the two were engaged in the same year. Their relationship lasted for about a year and a half, and their divorce was abrupt and amicable. They had no children. They had to work out their differences and reconcile, and the royal couple’s relationship was over by the end of the year.


Although Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince Charles remained close for many years, their relationship broke up at an early stage. The relationship was not mutual and Camilla had no choice but to leave her husband. The royal couple’s marriage was unsatisfactory, and they split because the Prince was in love with her. Princess Diana’s relationship with Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship with Prince William was fraught with controversy. The Royal couple married in 1970 and welcomed two children together. Despite the controversy over the relationship, the marriage was never a happy one. The resulting split has left the public wondering what happened. The rumor that the royal couple had an affair was widely disseminated.