What Attracts Mosquitoes to Your House?


Mosquito infestation is mainly dependent on the location and area of your house. However, everyone has experienced an encounter with mosquitoes At some point in their life. They are well known for their mosquito bites and other illnesses spread by them. Their Numbers rise as the weather starts getting warmer. They are commonly found during the spring and summer seasons. 

However, mosquitoes are not safe for the overall well-being of your body. Not only are they annoying and cause discomfort, but they are also responsible for spreading numerous diseases. If you Live in an area with a high number of mosquitoes, you should consult the College Station mosquito control service for your house. 

The attraction of Mosquitos to Your House

If you are considering eliminating mosquitoes from your neighborhood or your house, you must be aware of the factors that attract them to your house. There are two kinds of mosquitoes that are found mainly in the US. They are permanent water mosquitoes or flood water mosquitoes. There are numerous distinctions in these kinds, but they generally get attracted to similar areas.

  • Water and moisture

Still or standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Areas like ponds, water streams, Birdbaths, or uncleaned water containers can attract mosquitoes. If your house has an area with an accumulation of water, there is a huge chance that the mosquito infestation is because of that.

  • Moist soil and outside debris

If you do not have a source of Stillwater in your house and are still struggling with mosquitoes, there is a chance that the mosquitoes are coming into your house due to the dampness of the soil in your home. They’re also attracted to tree stumps and roof gutters. Along with that, bins and computers are also attractive spots for mosquitoes to continue breeding.

Mosquitoes also tend to get attracted to people who wear bold-colored clothing. They are attracted explicitly to watching people with red or yellow in their attire. Also, heavily floral and fruity perfumes and colognes can attract mosquitoes. The natural pheromones of the body have a significant effect on gathering mosquitoes. The blood types, clothing, etc., are some factors that make an individual more attractive than the rest. If someone regularly works out, they risk getting bit by mosquitoes. This is because lactic acid is produced in the body after the workout, which is attractive to mosquitoes. Along with that, the hormones found in a pregnant woman are also appealing to mosquitoes.

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