What are the Common Practice Areas of Employment Lawyers in New York?


A lot of people tend to get into trouble when trying to navigate their career path. Maybe you’re considering switching careers but don’t know where to start, or maybe you have a crazy idea of what you want to be and need help navigating the legal world. You’re probably in the New York area, so why not turn to employment lawyers?

In fact, a lawyer’s job is typically split between helping employers hire employees and helping those who have been fired or been treated unfairly. This can be anything from a job offer letter that is unacceptably unfair in its terms of employment or an employee termination agreement that doesn’t follow proper laws and regulations. A New York employment law attorney can also help improve the job conditions after an employee has been laid off or help prevent a wrongful termination of an otherwise good employee. 

Let us now see into the common practice areas of an employment attorney in New York.

  • Employment counseling

Employment counseling is a process of educating employers, potential employers, and employees on the regulations that govern their relationships with each other. This includes things like hiring practices, discipline and termination procedures, employee performance evaluation systems, attendance recordkeeping requirements, and job descriptions.

  • Employee discrimination

Employment discrimination is conduct involving discriminating employees, which can fall under different aspects, such as hiring practices, disciplinary action, and termination. Discrimination at workplaces can be based on gender, race, age, disability, or other factors.

  • Employment contracts

Employment contracts are agreements that are made between an employer and employee when their employment relationship begins. These contracts can be verbal or written, and they will define both parties’ rights, such as salary, benefits, job description, schedule, work environment, and workplace rules. When there is an issue with wrongdoings by an employer or employee on their duties as per their employment contract agreement, you should consult with an employment attorney in New York to seek compensation for your damages.

  • Wage and hour claims

Wage and hour claims are usually filed by employees who have been the subject of an unfair or improper discharge or who claim that their working conditions are unfair. These include things like unpaid overtime, wage theft, meal breaks, and workplace safety issues.

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