Types of Fuel Pumps in a Diesel Engine


Fuel pumps in a diesel engine are used to supply fuel to the engine. There are two types of fuel pumps: common rail and CP3 pumps. Common rail pumps are electronic and control the injectors. They are a modern alternative to the mechanical systems used by older diesel engines. A common rail diesel system can handle higher pressures and multiple injection stages ebooksweb.

Both types of fuel pumps have different roles. The first is to send fuel to the carburetor. Once the fuel reaches the carburetor, the pump continues to work until the ignition switch is turned off. The other type of fuel pump is an electrical fuel pump. These pumps are usually mounted inside the engine compartment kr481.

Electric fuel pumps were introduced in the 1970s and 1980s. They allowed for more flexible mounting options and improved durability. Earlier generation fuel pumps operated with low pressures, which was necessary when carburetors were used. In the mid-80s, electronic fuel injection was introduced, which required higher pressure fuel pumps wapwonlive. Modern EFI fuel pumps are usually mounted inside the fuel tank, but some are located outside.

The rack and pinion pump is another type of fuel pump that works by rotating a plunger that alternately presses fuel into a barrel. This pump typically does not produce high pressures, and it is rarely used in high-capacity diesel engines.

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