The Ultimate Guide to Making and Drinking Mushroom Teas


Tea drinking has been a tradition in many ancient practices in Asia. Today, we use these tea-drinking rituals as a way to hang out with friends, unwind, etc. In addition, there are new flavours instead of classic green and black tea.

Nowadays, you can try teas with fruits, herbs, and flowers. All of them have health benefits that can improve our overall well-being. In addition, the pungent aroma and relaxing effects of tea are why most people enjoy drinking them.

With the rising number of interests in tea, we cannot avoid giving attention to nootropic drinks like Bright Future Nootropic Matcha Tea, a Match Magic at 100mg. This form of tea uses the traditional matcha tea used in ceremonies or modern times, the ones we have on lattes and desserts. However, it is incorporated with a particular mushroom.

Plenty of studies prove the benefits of mushrooms. Therefore, you can find different mushroom tea on the market. Medicinal mushrooms and edible mushrooms help people’s health when they are eaten in moderation.

However, one type of mushroom also needs to have the spotlight: the magic mushrooms or Psilocybe. Magic mushrooms are known for their psychedelic effect, which is illegal.

Even though it’s an illegal substance, people are still eager to use it because of its promising effects on humans. For example, studies have shown that magic mushrooms can relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, drug problems, PTSD, etc.

As researchers continue to study the effect of these mushrooms, we have more hope to help fight mental health disorders in multiple and most effective ways possible.

Why Do People Drink Magic Mushroom Tea?

Some people can tolerate the taste and texture of dried and fresh magic mushrooms. Psychonauts claim that it is the best way to enjoy the effects of the shroom. However, not everyone would want to risk having a bad trip or an uncomfortable experience.

Some mushroom users enjoy the alternative route to magic mushroom consumption because they are more tolerable. The bitter and uncomfortable texture of the mushroom is gone, and you’ll have a smooth and easy way to get high or relax.

In addition, you can add other ingredients to your shroom tea. For example, you can include medicinal mushrooms, herbs, or your favourite tea blend. So the ways to enjoy Psilocybes are limitless.

Benefits of Mushroom Tea

Depending on the ingredients of your tea, the benefits and intentions will be different. For example, if you use medicinal mushrooms or adaptogens, you can receive health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety. In addition, it can fight potential diseases by strengthening the immune system and keeping the body balanced.

However, when you use Psilocybe mushrooms, you get different benefits. For example, when taken in a psychedelic dose, you can get hallucinogenic effects, visual and auditory changes, time distortion, etc.

Psychedelic shrooms will help in improving the mental health of an individual. In some studies, it reduces the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Scientists are even finding more ways to prove the benefits of shrooms to mental health. However, a study suggests that ingesting psychedelics creates a new neural connection.

Different Mushroom Teas


Reishi mushrooms are known for their effectiveness in preventing ageing, providing antioxidants and having the ability to fight cancer. However, when eaten directly, it has a bitter, bark-like taste. Therefore, the mushroom should taste better when you make tea.


  • Slice the mushroom into pieces. If it’s dry, use a coffee grinder
  • Heat the mushroom in water for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Add ginger or lemon, if desired, in the last 10 minutes of the boiling process.


Chaga’s are great for reducing fatigue and inflammation. In addition, it helps build the immune system to fight bacterial infections. It also contributes to providing mental clarity to users.


  • Boil water on a stove and add Chaga powder to it.
  • Simmer for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Pour it into a sieve to remove the remaining powder
  • You can add honey or milk to your tea.


There are two types of cordyceps. One is the rare and expensive strain C. sinensis which requires an insect for them to grow. Meanwhile, C. militaris are the cheapest and easiest to cultivate among the two.

Both Cordyceps is good for reducing blood sugar and cholesterol level. It has also shown promising effects in patients with cardiovascular disorders.


  • Simmer the dried or fresh mushroom in water for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • If the mushroom turns orange to white, it indicates the nutrients of the mushroom are now in the water.
  • Strain out the mushroom and serve the tea. You can add honey to your tea.

Magic Mushroom

There are different shroom strains, but all have the same effect with different intensities. So if you want to calm down and relax for a moment, you can give a hand with them. In addition, it has promising effects on helping anxiety and depression.

Making Psilocybe tea is easy. All you’ll need is the dose of mushroom appropriate for you, your favourite tea, hot water, and additional flavours like lemon or honey.

  • Add the desired grams of mushroom to a cup.
  • Add the hot water to the cup and steep your favourite tea bag.
  • Wait 15 to 30 minutes to allow the mushroom to take effect.
  • Add honey, ginger, or lemon juice if desired.

Another method of tea-making for magic mushrooms is Lemon Tek. It is similar to the simple tea recipe above. But instead, you’ll use lemon juice to convert the psilocybin to psilocin for a more potent result. You can consume the lemon tek as a shot or add them to your tea.

As for effect, magic mushroom tea will take some time to kick in, depending on multiple factors: weight, dose, mushroom potency, etc. But the best way is to wait for the effects to tolerate place. Also, it is advisable to drink the tea slowly to prevent sudden onset that can cause nausea or anxiety.

Ready-Made Tea

Don’t want to prepare your mushroom tea? You can quickly drink your tea and enjoy the delicious taste of Bright Focus’s Nootropic Matcha Tea. You must pour the powdered formula into a glass or mug and add hot or cold water to enjoy your drink.

This drink will provide benefits like liver protection, better heart health, promote weight loss, increased energy, and help cognitive function. You can get them at Zoomies Canada, which provides high-quality shroom strains and other products.


Blends of herbs, flowers, and fruits are traditional tea we have often tried. Now, it’s time to level up your tea experience by taking some medicinal and magic mushrooms. You’ll get loads of health benefits from improving immune response to reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

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