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It’s hard to believe that we are already at the end of 2016, but the music world was booming throughout the year. While the world was in turmoil, great songs kept coming out of nowhere. Some of them were huge hits and stayed on top for a long time. Others remained undiscovered and hit the ground running, but in 2016 they were the songs that stood out. These are the songs that stood out and helped us get through the tough times.

For me, it’s the debut album by Shy Glizzy, whose eponymous debut is a masterwork of sound and production. His smooth, soaring stretches of ambient sound are brilliantly blended with excellent elastic tempos. The record is a rare find for a new artist, and the potential for a breakout performance is very real. This album is a must-have for music fans of all ages.

A new, underrated rapper is emerging as the new face of electronic music. His debut album, Shy Glizzy, is a stunning work of sound and production. The album features some amazing elastic tempos and soaring ambient stretches. Despite his age, this is one of the hottest new rap acts of the year. He has the potential to become a national superstar. A debut record from this artist is a surefire way to make a name for yourself.