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Are you bored.. having to sit and apply cream all morning and night to get soft, white skin like others? Anyone who is bored of applying cream will be bad anyway. Today we have a solution that is easy to leave each other. Oh, but I assure you that it is not a white injection that is definitely dangerous for your body. But it’s the use of shower cream!

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Because now I have to say that the shower cream has gone further than we thought. Not only help our skin clean only then. but also helps whiten skin. The skin is smooth and moisturized like applying a cream! Which today we have 6 shower creams for white, beautiful, wink skin for girls who want white skin but don’t want to apply cream, have tried to buy and use it. Let me tell you that just by taking a shower, you can get beautiful, clear skin without using a skin cream.

Which brand of shower cream for white skin is good?

Guardian Rice Milk Brightening Shower Cream

Have you ever heard of this brand, ladies? This brand is shipped directly from Singapore! The shower cream of this brand is very interesting, suitable for girls who want to smell good. Want to have super clear skin? Because this formula is formulated with Rice Extract, which makes the skin clearer. It also keeps the skin moist. Shower and not dry and tight with innovative Hydra Active that helps retain moisture. And I can tell you that it is a shower cream that smells very soft. It is a natural scent of rice milk, not pungent. Applying lotion over the smell will definitely not hit each other until a headache. Importantly, after using it, the skin is still smooth, smooth, soft, not allergic because it has been tested by a dermatologist. It’s dermatologically tested and free from SLS that can cause allergic reactions. Ensure that the skin is not dry and tight. Definitely gentle on the skin

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Body Wash

Scream. Who said It’s Skin would only have the same vitamin C serum? They have a shower cream that is rich in vitamin C, sis. This bottle is like changing from a face serum to a shower cream, sure enough. Because the ingredients in this bottle also contain concentrated vitamin C extracts that help whiten skin. It also contains aloe vera and green tea to help moisturize and reduce inflammation. redness of the skin Not only that, they also have extracts from adenium. or desert rose which keeps the skin moist Not dry and cracked. The texture of this bottle is a clear cream.

Namu SnailWhite Crème Body Wash NATURAL WHITE

For the brand SnailWhite, of course, they are famous for the items that help whiten your skin at least. For those who do not like to apply sticky and greasy creams, try this shower cream. Because this one is said to be a body lotion shower cream. That allows us to shower and rejuvenate the skin in one step! its main ingredient is snail slime sure enough. In snail mucus, there are many substances that are beneficial to the skin. Helps restore and repair skin cells It also stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, making the skin firmer.

And in this formula, they also have Caviar Lime extract that helps nourish dull skin to be naturally white and bright. Personally, the shower cream is opaque white, not liquid, with a lot of bubbles waptrickcom.

Vaseline Healthy Moisturizing Body Wash Healthy White

 This is a 2 in 1 product in one bottle, it’s like a body lotion and shower cream in one bottle! Most of the ingredients in this bottle are the same as that of Vaseline skin cream. Both vitamin B3 that helps whiten skin. And moisturizing Nutrients that help the skin not dry, tight and soft.

Personally, the cream is a rich cream with pearl white. Smells like the body lotion of Vaseline. Who likes speed, don’t waste time applying cream. This one answers a lot myflixerto.

Twelve Plus Perfume Shower Serum

Let’s come to a brand that has been with teenagers for a long time like Twelve Plus. This brand has a great shower cream in terms of whitening skin too! Which is this shower serum! It’s called a shower serum because it focuses on nourishing the skin and has great ingredients. It’s like a serum. Ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and collagen, helping to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. And there are 12 types of flower extracts that help to make the skin fragrant and white. And most importantly, it is also a formula that is gentle on the skin. And without any irritating substances. Very beautiful.

The cream is a clear serum. The texture is quite liquid. It has a sweet, floral fragrance, suitable for women who want both white and smooth skin.

Scentio Milk Plus Bright & White Shower Cream

and for the last one, suitable for girls, I like milk shower cream. because this one is a milk cream All colors and scents! This bottle is formulated with Q10 (coenzyme Q 10) and pure milk extract. This will help whiten skin. Plus better skin health Plus, it’s packed with ingredients such as aloe vera extracts that add moisture to the skin. Including vitamin E and vitamin C that help reduce wrinkles, help skin smooth and clear!

The cream itself is white like milk. It also smells like milk as well. Make it feel like a real milk bath ipagal.

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