Should You Buy Cat Door For Your Feline Friend?

Do you wish to provide a relaxed and comfortable life for your little feline? Yes, you should definitely buy a cat door for your feline friend. Cat doors help to keep several pet problems at bay and also serve as mental stimulation for your cat.

Many pet owners are sceptical about buying a cat door due to the potential security risks associated with installing them. A pet door can give an unintended opening to thieves and other stray animals to your abode when you’re away from home.

However, the opening of pet doors is so tiny that it’s not possible for a grown human to fit into it. As for stray animals, there are electronic pet doors available that can only be opened through a unique chip.

You can fit the chip into your pet’s paw to give your pet access to the door while keeping unwanted stray animals out of your home. Moreover, a cat door also adds an aesthetic charm to your home.

Here is why you should buy a pet door for your cats’.

What Is A Cat Door? 

A cat door is a flap or small opening attached to the door that allows your cat to move freely out of the house without your help. This reduces your pet’s dependency on you to open the door every time they want to go out.

Cats are free-spirited animals and don’t like to be tied or dependent on their owner. It’s also why it’s hard to tame a cat rather than a dog. While dogs’ are easy to bond with, cats, on the other hand, are not.

Feline creatures are very cautious in nature and don’t trust or bond easily. Freedom is very precious to cats’ and installing a cat door can go a long way to safeguard this independent instinct of theirs.

Why should You Invest In A Cat Door?

Apart from acting as a customised opening for pets’, a cat door comes with an array of features that are sure to make your life much easier. Below are a few reasons why should you invest in a cat door.

Less Dependency 

Pet door reduces the pet’s dependency on its owner for various physical activities. In case of lack of a pet door, your paw friend has to be dependent on you every time they want to pee, poop or go on a walk.

Moreover, withholding urine for long hours can result in urinary tract infections and thus is dangerous for their health. Yet another reason to consider why you should buy a cat door for your cat.

Reduces Your Pet’s Struggles 

Since animals cannot speak, it becomes difficult to understand their sentiments and actions at times. It happens all the more so when you are drowned under huge piles of work. However, a pet door can help bridge this communication gap between pet parents and pets.

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Pet doors extend a certain degree of freedom to your pet to roam about freely and explore the outside as per their convenience. This way, you both can carry on with your daily activities without much struggle.

Keeps Your Pet Active 

Your pets need to have at least an hour-long physical exercise to keep them fit and healthy in the long run. Regular physical activity also keeps many common pets disease at bay and enriches your paw friend’s life in terms of health.

That being said, it’s not always possible to take your pet to a park or for a neighbourhood run, given your busy schedule.

At such times, having a pet door is very handy as your pet doesn’t need its owner to take it out for a walk anymore. It can go for a neighbourhood run whenever and stay at the top of its shape.

Saves Your House From Your Pet’s Tantrum

Having a pet door saves your house from your cat’s tantrums when they are bored. Pet animals like cats and dogs always need some sort of mental stimulation to keep themselves engaged.

When your pet gets extremely bored, it can exhibit problematic behaviour like scratching your wallpaper and furniture, resulting in damage to property. This can be quite a concerning issue if you live in a rented house or apartment.

However, installing a pet door can save you from such negative behaviour of your pets and help your pet stay active all day.

Summing Up

Thanks to clever technology, there are loads of pet door varieties available in the market. Some pet door comes with key flobs, chips, lock modes and curfew timers setting to accommodate all the concerns of pet owners.

Certain pet doors also come with apps that allow you to monitor your paw friends’ activity and track their movement if needed.

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