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Businesses today are faced with a paradox that is unique in that they must satisfy customer demands while also showing that they are committed to sustainability.

The global internet searches in search of “sustainable goods” have increased by 71 percent over the last six years. Forty-four percent of consumers globally have opted to purchase from companies with a strong commitment to sustainability over the last year.

People are more likely to be loyal to companies that have clear commitments to sustainability, and this has been proven to increase the value over time of one customer.

As a result of this rise in brand loyalty, retailers are taking measures. 35% of the companies surveyed are currently keeping track of their carbon emissions. 23percent is seeking to reduce emissions.

However, compensating for emissions is just one aspect of the problem.

The other is removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

This is the reason the Planet app was created to enable businesses that sell through Shopify to directly assist and accelerate the development of cutting-edge carbon removal technology while simultaneously showing that they are committed to sustainable practices for their customers.

With thecommerceshop, it is certainly the Shopify development Company, or any other project we are working on primarily focused on carbon reduction since sustainability is the main requirement for any company.

We believe that companies like Brillmark that support carbon removal technologies will significantly impact the fight against climate change. They will be able to show their customers a greater dedication to sustainability.

What is a digital carbon footprint?

Did you even know? Global email usage generates the same amount of CO2 (CO2), equivalent to seven million more cars driving around.

Digital carbon footprints are carbon dioxide emissions from digital infrastructure and devices’ usage, creation, and data transfer.

Everyday life has been transformed by technology within an increasingly digital society.

From continuous remote meetings to an array of apps and streaming services, Being connected and online is a major part of our lives.

This is why the number of electronic devices we utilize and the volume of data we generate is increasing.

Every minute we spend scrolling through newsfeeds, surfing the internet, or streaming a video adds to the carbon footprint of our digital lives.

What exactly is the Shopify Planet application?

Brands that are supportive of carbon-removal technology will be able to exert a more important influence in the fight against climate change. They will be able to show their customers an even greater dedication to sustainable development.

This is why the Shopify Planet app was designed to allow companies selling through Shopify to directly assist and accelerate the development of cutting-edge carbon removal technology while demonstrating the sustainability commitment of their business and their customers.

In contrast to other businesses that promote sustainable commerce, Planet focuses on carbon reduction, not carbon balance, by conserving forests.

Did you have any idea? 79% of shoppers are currently modifying their buying choices based on sustainability issues

By establishing Shopify’s Shopify Sustainability Fund, Shopify collaborates with high-impact businesses like Running Tide and Remora to majorly impact the Earth.

Stacy Kauk, Shopify’s Head of Sustainability, explains that Planet lets Shopify merchants participate in the fight for climate protection effectively and meaningfully.

What exactly is Shopify Planet? Shopify Planet work?

Planet evaluates the emissions generated by your shipments every month.

After installation After installation, the Planet app automatically calculates your monthly carbon removal costs with high-tech or nature-based choices based on the selected subscription.

The minimum cost of each order – between 3.5 and 15- is used to purchase carbon-removal credits to ensure that all monthly purchases are carbon-neutral.

There are also live dashboards that show the impact of their work via their Planet app.

This dashboard lets you keep track of:

  • Quantity of carbon neutrality shipment of carbon-neutral
  • Total delivery distance
  • Extraction of carbon (by weight)
  • Cost of carbon removal delivery over the course of

Did you have any idea? Every hour of videoconferencing produces around 1 kilo of carbon dioxide. Switching off the TV and using only audio could reduce emissions by up to 96 percent.

The information could be disclosed to the public in full.

The constantly changing Planet badge for your Shopify storefront lets you convince customers that your business is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions.

Methods for removing carbon

There are a variety of methods for carbon removal. It is possible to accelerate the process through the strong natural systems around us or by innovative technology (or an amalgamation of both).

In any case, the goal is to remove carbon dioxide from the air sustainably and store it securely for a longer time.

The best creative minds run the businesses that do this in the world. They are assisting in the change of our society and the entire Planet.

Here’s how a few firms are working toward carbon elimination:

Grassroots Carbon

Grassroots Carbon connects firms seeking carbon removal credits to certified landowners who are able to offer carbon storage based upon natural processes.

Running Tide

Running Tide is developing technology that restores and speeds up natural ocean processes with the largest carbon sink ever found on Earth.


Most of a semi-truck’s carbon emissions are absorbed directly from exhaust using Remora’s portable, compact technology. It is then offered to customers who can store it for a long time.

Cost of Shopify Planet app

If brands download the Planet app on their store online, they can choose from three pricing levels.

The categories are based on the price paid per order and the kinds of carbon removal technologies financed by the company.

The price levels comprise:

Decade plan

  • Ship carbon neutral
  • Get rid of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Carbon is stored for 10plus years
  • Solutions such as reforestation or soil carbon storage

Century plan

  • Ship carbon neutral
  • Get rid of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Carbon is stored for 10-1,000+ years
  • A mixture of Decade and Millennium solution strategies

Millennium plan

  • Ship carbon neutral
  • Get rid of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • Keep carbon in storage for approximately more than 1,000 years
  • Solutions such as ocean-based removal or direct air capture

What is the process of eliminating carbon?

To stay clear of the most devastating effects of climate change and to prevent the temperature of the Planet from rising above the 1.5degC thresholds set within the Paris Agreement, the world is required to reach net-zero carbon emission by the year 2050. They must also actively eliminate CO2 from our atmosphere.

How much carbon has to be eliminated? Scientists estimate that as much as ten gigatonnes of CO2 (one gigatonne equals 1 billion tonnes) to be removed annually in 2050. In addition, it is necessary to reach the goal of eliminating net zero emissions.

In order to achieve this, we need to support inventors and entrepreneurs trying to eliminate carbon dioxide from our environment with the help of natural and advanced methods. Technology is available, just not on a sufficient scale.

The problem is that the globe is growing while technology is catching up.

The Planet is one-way retailers can help advance this revolutionary research while demonstrating to their customers that they are taking sustainability seriously.

How can Brillmark assist in the process of implementation?

According to the findings of Shopify, 44% of shoppers prefer buying from companies with a clear commitment to sustainability.

Brillmark Brillmark believes in sustainability, and we understand that sustainability is essential over the long term.

We are convinced that businesses like ours committed to improving carbon removal technologies will be in a better position to have a more significant influence on the combat against climate change. They will be able to show their customers a greater commitment to sustainable development.

Our Shopify development services will help you build your store from the start and make modifications according to your requirements. Additionally, you can implement this program within your Shopify company, and you will be one of the partners in the carbon elimination program.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Shopify Planet app.