Annabelle Nielson – A Brief Biography


In recent news, Annabelle Nielson has passed away. This has shocked the fashion world and the people who knew her. Many were concerned about her relationship with designer Alexander McQueen. They wanted to know more about her life. Here are a few facts about her.

Kate Moss’ tribute to annabelle nielson

Kate Moss has posted a tribute to her friend and muse Annabelle Neilson. She accompanied her Instagram post with a photo of her and the deceased model. The image was captioned with a broken heart emoji.

While Annabelle was not the first of her friends to be found dead, her passing was a big news in the world of socialites. Her death was confirmed by the London Metropolitan Police, who said that it was not treated as suspicious.

The British aristocrat, who was born into an aristocratic family, passed away at age 49. The cause of death is unknown at this time, but sources say it may have been a stroke.

Neilson was the muse for Alexander McQueen, the late designer who killed himself in 2010. He once described her as his “soulmate.” She was also a star of the reality show Ladies of London, which is based on the Real Housewives of London franchise.

According to People magazine, the actress, author, and socialite’s death was announced Monday. Her funeral was held in Knightsbridge, London, on July 27, and the star-studded line-up included Naomi Campbell, Orlando Bloom, Liv Tyler, and Patsy Palmer.

In addition to a statement from the deceased, Kate Moss posted a throwback photo of herself and Neilson hugging, evoking the classic “the beautiful and the damned” theme for her 30th birthday. Besides the image, the father of two wrote a lengthy message, describing his daughter as a “sister” and “best friend.”

Meanwhile, Neilson’s close friends are also paying tribute to their friend. Naomi Campbell gave a joint reading at the funeral.

Relationship with Alexander McQueen

Annabelle Neilson was one of the last people to see Alexander McQueen alive. She became McQueen’s muse when she was just 22 years old. She became McQueen’s closest friend and confidante. She also starred in the reality TV series Ladies of London.

Annabelle Neilson was born into an aristocratic family. She was a fourth cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. She was the daughter of Marquesa Campus di Santinelli. She met McQueen through Isabella Blow, who introduced them.

After their meeting, Annabelle and McQueen became close. They modeled together and were often seen at fashion shows and red carpet events. They were so close that McQueen referred to her as Tinkerbell.

After their relationship ended, McQueen and Neilson described themselves as a “married couple without sex.” However, it seems as if Neilson never got over McQueen’s death. She suffered a back and pelvis injury in 2013.

Despite being a model, actress, author and socialite, Neilson fought a heroin addiction. She was attacked when she was 16 and survived the attack. She later reverted to her maiden name.

Before their friendship began, Annabelle and McQueen were part of the Primrose Hill set in the 1990s. During this period, they were friends with Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. They also volunteered to be bridesmaids for Kate’s brother, Lord Edward Spencer-Churchill’s wedding.


Annabelle Neilson was a former model and children’s author. She died on July 12 at the age of 49. She was found dead in her Chelsea home. Her death was initially reported as a heart attack, but a coroner’s office said she died of a cerebrovascular accident.

She was born in South London and raised there. She had dyslexia and suffered from a severe case of bullying. She left school at sixteen. She later took a gap year in Australia. She met Alexander McQueen when she was twenty-two. The pair bonded instantly, and it was a romance that would last the rest of her life.

She was a close friend of Kate Moss and appeared on the reality series Ladies of London. But she struggled with drug and alcohol addictions. In 2010, she found herself in an incredibly painful situation. Her husband Steve McQueen had just committed suicide. And she was in constant pain from riding injuries. She never fully recovered.

When her books weren’t making the bestseller list, she was devastated. She feared she was being cursed. But she had high hopes for her children’s book career. Her net worth was estimated at around PS20 million.

But her life changed when she was attacked as a teenager. She was tied to a tree for two hours. Her attacker was later convicted of murdering three women. She later retreated to an addiction to heroin.

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