Bhojpuri language is a regional dialect of Nepal. It was formerly called Buxariya by the Mughal armies. It is also called Deshwali, Khotta, and Purabiya by the upper provinces. The language was also known by other names, including Banarasi and Chhaprahiya. According to Rahul Sankrityayan, two names are used to refer to the Bhojpuri language: Bangarahi and Panbhojpuri. The word “pan” means “pan”.

Bhojpuri is an Indo-European language. It belongs to the Eastern Indo-Aryan family and is a subgroup of Bengali and Odia. It is closely related to Urdu and Assamese. In addition to its relatives, Bhojpuri is closely related to Hindi and Marathi. There are no common words in this language, but Bhojpuri is close to these languages.

The syntax of Bhojpuri is influenced by the three-tier system of politeness. Verbs such as “come” and “speak” can be conjugated through three tiers of politeness. Depending on the context, an adjective or pronoun can be used as a modifier, such as aahi or aajpuri. Indic languages can also use the pronoun, although it is not necessary.

As of 2010, the Bhojpuri language is spoken in 73,000 square kilometres in India and about half that area is in Nepal. It borders the Awadhi-speaking region to the west and Magahi-speaking region to the north and the Magahi-speaking region to the east. In addition to this, some Muslim speakers of Bhojpuri live in Bangladesh.

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