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MyFlixer has a wide selection of movies and TV shows, and it is available for free on mobile devices. Its site is mobile-friendly and works on almost any device, including tablets. The main advantage of MyFlixer is that there are no advertisements or pop-ups. Users can even browse through IMDB recommendations and trending movies. MyFlixer also allows users to hover over a movie title for basic information.

The website is simple to navigate, with minimal pop-ups. The look bar shows the most popular movies as well as IMDB recommendations. Simply point the cursor over a movie title to get detailed information. Unlike most streaming websites, MyFlixer is free and does not require any registration. Nevertheless, users should be wary of sites that collect data and track your activities. It is not advisable to watch any film you’ve never seen before on MyFlixer.

The UI is easy to use, with a minimalistic design. Users can quickly navigate the website with a look bar that shows popular movies and IMDB recommendations. To watch the movie, users can simply point their cursor on the movie’s title. It’s easy to navigate, so it is easy to find the perfect movie. In addition, the application also supports downloads. If you prefer downloading movies, you can download them from MyFlixer.