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Shutterstock MicroPayment Photo Bank is currently one of the undisputed leaders in the microstock industry. Shutterstock is based in the United States. According to statistics, for most authors, it ranks first in terms of profitability. In my opinion, Shutterstock photo bank (Shutterstock) is the best option among photo banks today, as it provides a decent level of sales with an emphasis on new work.

Registration on Shutterstock

Sales on the Shutterstock photobank are being made by subscription. Subscription is the purchase by the buyer of a subscription for a certain period. According to the terms of purchasing a Shutterstock photo bank subscription, the buyer can download up to 25 any images per day of any size, including vector. In a month, a buyer can upload up to 750 images from the Shutterstock photo bank at a unit price of one image of only about $ 0.3.

What does a contributor get on Shutterstock?

Earnings on Shutterstock depends on the type of subscription under which your file was downloaded. Shutterstock has 2 subscription options: 25-A-Day Subscription and On Demand Subscription. According to the first subscription option, the author’s earnings on Shutterstock per download are about $0.25-$0.38. You can get to know about how to get a fake id for identity security.

In addition, we must not forget to mention that on Shutter the number of deductions depends on your total earnings for the entire time you worked on the stock. So, the accrual scheme for 25-A-Day is carried out according to the following scale:

0 – $500 = $0.25 per download

500 – 3000$ = 0.33$ per download

3000 – 10000$ = 0.36$ per download

over $10,000 = $0.38 per download

For the second On Demand subscription option, the accrual scheme is as follows:

0 – $500 = $0.81 (Small, Med size) = $1.88 (Large, Super size, Vector)

$500 – $3000 = $1.07 (Small, Med size) = $2.48 (Large, Super size, Vector)

$3,000 – $10,000 = $1.17 (Small, Med size) = $2.70 (Large, Super size, Vector)

over $10,000 = $1.24 (Small, Med size) = $2.85 (Large, Super size, vector)

In addition to the listed options for making money on Shutterstock, there is also a purchase under an extended license (Extended Royalty Free). From each such purchase, you will earn exactly $28 on Shutterstock.

What can you sell on Shutterstock?

Photos, 3D visualizations and rasterized vector illustrations in a format from which the microstock itself generates TIF files are accepted for sale on the photobank. Vector illustrations Shutterstock accepts microstock in EPS format. Images sent to Shutter must be at least 4 megapixels in size.

Exam on Shutterstock

There is an exam on the Shutterstock photobank, without passing which you will not be able to work. The Shutterstock exam requires 10 papers in the selected area of ​​work, 7 out of 10 papers must be approved by the inspector to pass the exam. If you fail to pass the exam the first time, then the next attempt is allowed to be made no earlier than a month later. It is better to send vector illustrations for the exam in a rasterized form.

I’ll give you a little advice. Before starting work and submitting your work to the photo stock, try to work for a month or two on such microstocks as Dreamstime and Fotolia for a while. Analyze what you receive there. If there are failures, analyze what did not fit. And then just pass the Shutterstock exam. And try to submit for the Shutterstock exam only those papers that have already been accepted on the two microstocks mentioned above. With this approach, your chances of passing the Shutterstock exam the first time will increase by an order of magnitude.

How to get your earnings from Shutterstock?

The withdrawal of earned money from Shutterstock is carried out through the electronic payment systems Moneybookers and PayPal, and you can also receive your money using a personal check.

There is also a minimum amount for receiving a payout from Shutter stock, which is 75 evergreen dollars when paying through Moneybookers or PayPal, and 300 dollars by sending a personal check. In addition, the Shutterstock photo bank has a kind of trial period, which is 90 days from the day you successfully passed the Shutterstock exam, during which you will not be able to order the withdrawal of earned funds. The money will be accumulated on the account and only after 90 days, provided that the minimum amount for payment is reached, the money will be paid automatically, in the way you have set. In the future, payments will occur automatically at the end of the calendar month when the minimum amount for withdrawal from the photobank is reached.

The obvious disadvantages of the photobank, as well as other international photobanks, include:

* Requirement of a scan of an international passport or an international passport when registering on the Shutterstock photobank.

In my opinion, if you have a firm goal of making money on microstocks, then Shutterstock should be on your list of microstocks for making money. Since Shutterstock photo bank to brings the most significant income among all photobanks.

You can sign up and test Shutterstock’s capabilities here

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