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Venture capital firms can move fast. In fact, they can make a big splash in a relatively short amount of time, and that’s the beauty of this type of business.

Series B funding round

Deep Vision has raised $35 million in a venture capital round. The company will use the money to further strengthen its services. It will also continue to build out its AI processor. This processor will be used to provide real time video analytics and natural language processing.

Deep Vision is an example of the kind of deep tech company that is growing. The company is developing specialised deep learning processors that will be used in applications such as smart retail, factory automation, and driver-monitoring systems.

The company is currently focusing on supporting its customer base. In addition to building out its processor, the firm will expand its capabilities to include more products and services. These new products will include a cloud-based data warehouse platform.

The startup has received support from a wide range of investors. Among them are SiliconMotion, Tiger Global, Silicon Valley Ventures, Silicon Valley Technology Fund, Silicon Valley Bank, Western Digital, and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Fund.

SafeAI is a global leader in autonomous solutions for heavy equipment. SafeAI retrofits construction and mining vehicles with aftermarket hardware. Through its software, the company delivers cost savings, productivity gains, and safety gains. Those investments will be used to accelerate the technology roadmap.

Flow, a collaboration platform for hardware engineering teams, recently secured participation from Europe’s leading tech investors. Its mission is to help teams design and deploy complex systems 30 percent faster.

Venture capital firms can move fast

The venture capital industry has changed over the years. It has evolved into a more diverse sector, with a mix of players. Some firms invest in fledgling startups, while others focus on expanding established companies.

As a rule of thumb, most VCs will invest in less than 1% of the opportunities they evaluate. Most funds have a 3-to-5 year investment horizon. But the industry has changed, and now there is an increasing number of unicorns.

These are high-growth, high-risk startup businesses, often exploiting breakthroughs in technology. The key to a successful venture is a good plan, a strong product/market fit, and some initial funding.

VCs provide guidance from experienced investors. They also offer access to promising entrepreneurs who need money to start a business. If a company is successful, the investors expect to get a decent return on their investment.

VCs also use outbound work to find more deals faster. They are active on social media and in networking events. They may even offer an analyst position for fresh graduates without prior relevant experience.

While it’s not technically a new business model, it is one of the hottest trends in the financial world. Venture shops are changing the industry on their own terms.

It’s also important to note that the VC industry is highly competitive. There are numerous players and each varies in its motivations and approach.