Is it more interesting to play in a virtual or land-based casino?

Is it more profitable, more interesting, more entertaining, less expensive to play on one or the other of the casinos? We decided to build an article for you with points of comparison in order to enlighten you on the question! Weigh the pros and cons and choose what suits you best!

The advantages of physical casinos

The prestige of playing in a land-based casino is unmatched. Indeed, it is the perfect place for bling-bling, social events and easy money. The glamorous image is also praised in Hollywood films! So, playing in a luxurious and very social setting may be lacking in online casinos, indeed.

Some critics of online casinos claim that playing online is no guarantee that the operator is honest. Land-based casinos would therefore inspire more confidence in some people who prefer to see and feel the chips clicking and resonating, rather than pretending to play online.

The disadvantages of physical casinos

Physical casinos are by definition places where you spend the evening. It is therefore necessary to move. Unless you live right next to a casino, they aren’t as plentiful as Mac Donald’s. And in any rational spirit, when we decide to travel, we maximize the time spent on site! There is therefore a good chance that you will spend entire evenings at the casino, and the way back may also seem long to you when you are tired and perhaps a little drunk (be careful, the one who drives is the one who does not drink not).

From this argument arises the question of money. Moving implies that we must “make the most of this time” by staying longer. Therefore, you will necessarily have to revise your budget upwards. In addition, next to the tokens to be exchanged, there are drinks to offer or to buy, even the cloakroom… costly !

The advantages of online casinos

On online casinos, you have everything you can find in a physical casino: live dealers, slot machines, poker tables, etc. So, yes, the atmosphere is different, but the games are much more numerous and more diversified than in land-based casinos! When you sign up at online casinos you get a bonus, when it’s your birthday you get a bonus. For any special occasion, bonuses rain down, whereas this is not the case when you go to a real casino!

As opposed to the inconvenience on the price of casino nights outside, playing online saves you the cost of drinks (a good old coke will do) and also the trip! No need to change, dress up and then drive X miles to stay 8 hours there. You can open a slot machine in a free spins casino, do three spins in 20 seconds and that’s it!

The disadvantages of online casinos

It must be admitted that online casinos are not the most socializing virtual places. The only way to chat with other players will be for you to be active on the forums, independent of the casinos, which is not very convenient. All in all, it is really the very special atmosphere that is missing on an online casino.

We have helped you in this article to form an objective opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of physical casinos and online casinos.