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comment: This is the second time that I have watched this movie and it will not be the last time. This movie is actually a remake of a Tamil film, Krittikari Thurai, which was originally called Krimma Bhai or Riddhbandi. Both these movies are horror films set in the backdrop of India and its people. The main character in both these movies is a girl who can turn into anything she wants and does whatever it takes to save her village from the scourge of Ravjisingi (some kind of demonic possession). The villagers all love her for it, but at the same time they are wondering how she knows what’s best for them in this case it’s not just about helping out but saving them from Ravjisingi too. How will she do that? Think fast with those glasses on!Written & directed by S. Vaidyanathan & Radha Karunanidhi . Music by -Nagesh Gowarajan. Cast: Radha, Pankaj Kapoor, Divya Dutta, Anil Dhawan , Vijay Sethupathi , Kanchana Kumari While watching Krittikari Thurai I could almost feel like I was there watching this movie too because of the atmosphere created by Radha and S. Vaidyanathan’s combination of storytelling and characterization combined with the soundtrack that perfectly suits this scene-setting Arabian Nights theme. Many reviews talk about how difficult it is

What is Krittikari Thurai?

Krittikari Thurai is a 1955 Indian Malayalam film, produced by M. D. Mir and directed by M. D. Martin. The film stars Radha and Pankaj in lead roles followed by Anil Dhawan and Kanchana Kumari in supporting roles. The film also featured debutante actress Soneesha in her first appearance. The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $2 million on its initial release.


The movie starts with Radha and Pankaj playing a duo of criminals, who turn into helpful citizens while saving their village. After a while, the duo gets to know that a certain village has been captured by an evil spirit called Ravjisingi. They are forced to take up residence in the house of a rich man named Rajeshwari who happens to be the husband of Radha’s friend’s mother. Rajeshwari is very kind to Radha and Pankaj, but he also has a habit of being a little too trusting. One day, while enjoying an idle moment with his family, Rajeshwari is brutally murdered by one of his over-zealous nieces. The police soon track down Rajeshwari’s murderer and arrest her half-brother Anil (Vijay) on charges of murder. The movie ends with the return of Radha and Pankaj to their home village, where they are almost immediately apprehended by their village’s Chief Minister, Pandit Madhavan Nair.


The performances of Radha and Pankaj are so good that you would often wonder how they ever managed to get any work in the first place. While Radha’s character is kind and charitable, you also get the feeling that she is trying to do the whole world a big favor by turning into a demonic possession and wreaking havoc for all the people in the village. The chemistry of Radha and Pankaj is also quite adorable and you would often feel pity for them as well because they are so unsuspecting and easy to befriend.


Even though the numbers don’t lie, the sound and songs in Krittikari Thurai are nothing less than magical. From the lullabies of a mother’s lullaby to the stern but calming style of “Mekhto” (the final song), the soundtrack of Krittikari Thurai is simply enchanting. The versatile music of Nagesh Gowarajan rounds the movie up nicely and makes the whole film flow smoothly.


The film Krittikari Thurai is nothing but a classic, filled with charm and fantastical beauty. The story is average at best, but the actors, music, and the pace of the film make up for it. The only real downside of this movie is the fact that it is not for the normal viewers. If you’re into fantasy, thriller, or romance films, then you must definitely give Krittikari Thurai a try. You won’t be disappointed. An excellent movie with a lot of laughs, heart and tears, Krittikari Thurai is the perfect movie to see with friends.

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