Importance of having a Timesheet App for your Employees

Many businesses worldwide hesitate to use a timesheet app for different reasons. Some think the app slows them down, while others believe using one doesn’t match their culture. But the truth is, having a timesheet app offers several benefits.

Timesheet apps aren’t just about recording when your employees clock in and out — it’s more than that. Thanks to the advent of technology, timesheet apps have become an essential tool for businesses across different industries because it helps collect and analyze various data types.

Here’s why having a timesheet app for your employees is important:

  • Easier Billing and Payroll

Do you require employees to manually fill out their timesheets to get paid? Notice that manually completing the process ends in several errors during payroll? Having employees use a timesheet app is a better option because it produces accurate records of your employees’ working hours.

A time sheet app removes human error from the picture, making it easier for you to bill your employees and produce a flawless payroll every month. Since they’re fully automated, these apps will also prevent employees from inflating their hours. As a result, your business will be able to save a lot of money by reducing time theft.

Moreover, a time sheet app enables your employees to access their activity reports during a specific period, which can help reduce stress from manually handling timesheets. It’s a win-win for both employers and employees!

  • Improved Productivity

As an employer, you should strive to boost the productivity of your employees. The more productive your employees are, the more your business can accomplish in a day.

Using a timesheet for employees is one of the best ways to improve productivity in the workplace, as these apps help employees and employers identify productivity red flags by recording video screens, web page browsing, and unusual downloads.

Employees are less likely to waste time while they work if they know that their employers monitor their online activities. It increases worker accountability and prompts employees to become more productive in their work.

  • Increased Profitability

All businesses want to earn profits, but not everyone can successfully achieve that goal. Fortunately, using a time sheet app can make a lot of difference because it has features specially designed to help businesses earn more.

A time sheet app can automate repetitive tasks and reduce staffing redundancies. Most importantly, these apps let you maximize your employees’ workloads according to their strengths. All these features increase accountability and transparency across the business, which translates into better ROI.

  • Estimation of Future Costs

Money is a vital resource when running a business. To ensure your business’s longevity, you should know how to maximize your finances in the present for the future.

Another important reason for having a timesheet app is that it helps estimate future costs. These apps can accurately record how long it takes to complete specific projects and how many employees are necessary for each project. This information will make it easy for you to determine the amount of resources you’ll need for future projects, including the budget and workforce.

  • Understanding Employees’ Workload

Employees need to complete tasks at a certain period, but giving too many at once can lead them to stress. Overworking your employees can impact their mental and physical health and cause turnover rates to skyrocket.

One of the most effective ways to understand your employees’ workload is by letting them use a timesheet app. This app provides all the information you need to determine how overworked (or underworked) your employees are and help you make changes in your employees’ workload. For example, if you find out that your employees are working 80 hours a week, you can transfer tasks to other employees or recruit additional staff.

Understanding your employees’ workload ensures that you properly maximize your business’s human resources and that they aren’t exhausted to the limits. Making changes to lessen your employees’ workload also shows how much you care about their wellness.

  • Better Team Management

Employees pace differently when completing tasks. While some need a few hours to complete a project, others require a day or two. It is because of two reasons: employees usually take up more work than they can handle or resort to a never-ending pursuit of perfection.

Having your employees use a timesheet app will give you a better sense of how much time they spend on a particular task. With this information, team leaders and managers can build the most efficient team for a specific project, determine possible bottlenecks (or employees that can slow down the team’s progress), and take steps to boost the team’s overall performance. In short, a time sheet app ensures that the right tasks are assigned to the right people.

  • Making Data-Driven Decisions

Making the right decision is an important ingredient to your business’s success. Every decision you make should benefit your business, not become the reason for its downfall.

All of the data you can get from a timesheet app enables you to make informed decisions on different aspects of the business, namely:

  • Tasks with low returns: Since a timesheet app records all of the online activities of your employees, you can determine which ones are getting low returns (or zero returns). With this information, you can assess which tasks to eliminate or which to automate.
  • Employees’ productivity peaks: Are your employees early birds or night owls? A time sheet app can help you answer this question and create programs using the right chronotype metrics.
  • Employees’ time management styles: When you know how your employees manage their time at work, you can easily assign tasks best suited for them. This guarantees productivity and boosts your employees’ morale.

Use a Timesheet App ASAP

A time sheet app is a cost-effective investment for businesses, so have your employees use one right away. Yes, incorporating the app into your employees’ daily routine will require adjustment, but going through all of these will be worth it in the end!