How to prepare for rhinoplasty to get the right shape


The nose is the point that is almost in the center of the face. Nose surgery ศัลยกรรม alone can change the overall face. It is one of the most popular surgeries.

For anyone who is interested in nose surgery or popularly known as “nose enhancement”, but still do not know How to prepare Or would like some basic information that you should know before doing rhinoplasty.

before nose surgery or rhinoplasty How should I prepare?

Rhinoplasty can be performed in a number of ways, such as rhinoplasty with different materials. alar amputation or decoration of the nasal bone Each method has many subtleties.

You can choose only one method of rhinoplasty. Or you can do it in several ways. It depends on the joint consultation with the doctor. What methods of rhinoplasty are necessary to meet the needs of the patients the most?

This will allow you to communicate with the doctor smoothly, understand each other and help you assess the cost of rhinoplasty easier. Data preparation is therefore very important.

1. What material do you want to use for rhinoplasty?

Selection of materials used for rhinoplasty It is something that must be given priority as the top priority. in nose surgery Because in addition to helping to determine the price of rhinoplasty approximately, it also affects the choice of nose shape.

The materials used in rhinoplasty are divided into two main groups:

– Using your own tissues, such as augmentation of the nose, ribs or augmentation of the nose, cartilage behind the ear It is a very safe material. There is a low risk of allergic reactions. But the price is higher than using silicone. It may be used mainly for rhinoplasty. Or can be used to support the tip of the nose that is reinforced with silicone to prevent perforation.

– use of silicone will shape the nose rather than using tissue. There are both ready-made and the bar type that will have to sharpen the shape itself In each form, the characteristics of silicone textures are further subdivided, such as soft, medium hard. and very hard which will suit different nose shapes

2. Choose a nose shape to suit your face. How is it important?

Choosing the right nose shape for your face is very important. because in addition to helping the natural shape of the nose It also reduces the chances of silicone penetrating.

There are many people who augment their noses with a shape that doesn’t support the existing nose tissue. Over time It makes the silicone vulnerable to penetration until you need to fix a new nose. Which is much more expensive than normal rhinoplasty!

There are many different shapes of the nose. There are 3 main types of nose shapes that are popular today as follows:

– Tear-shaped nose The tip of the nose is long, round. like a drop of water It is a shape that looks natural with the face. It is the most popular style that most people do. Suitable for people with a long nose Nose meat around the bridge and tip of the nose a lot. The wings of the nose are not too wide.

– Protruding nose The tip of the nose is pointed like a westerner, high nose bridge, suitable for people with a lot of nose tip.

– Barbie-shaped nose or tip There is a curve from the head of the eyebrows. tip of the nose but not as prominent as the tip Suitable for people with a lot of nose tip.

Choosing a nose shape The doctor will evaluate together with the rhinoplasty patient. to select the most suitable nose shape

If you are not sure what shape you should use for nose augmentation. It is recommended to choose at least 2-3 nose shapes that you like to see the doctor on the day of the consultation. for the doctor to help assess and help your doctor better understand your needs.

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