How long will it take me to obtain my green card?


If you’re like the majority of individuals, you’re prepared to submit an application for a green card in the United States, and you might be required to work. However, is it still possible to get employment in the US while you wait for a green card? This article explains.

When a Green Card is pending, is it legal to work in the United States?

You can legally work in the US while you await your green card. You must have an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in Canada.

The good news is that getting an EAD can be rather simple for you. Most of the time, you have to have your immigration lawyer file an application together with the necessary cost. People who apply (if they are eligible) frequently get an EAD within a few months.

You are free to work in the US after you get your EAD. You should be aware that there are some limitations on the kind of work you are allowed to undertake, such as being unable to work for the government. However, an EAD generally enables you to work for any American employer.

What Is The Waiting Period For An EAD While Awaiting A Green Card?

Several variables, including processing delays, influence this question’s response. People occasionally wait between six and eight months before receiving their EADs, but this does happen occasionally. Whether or not it is worthwhile to apply will depend on where you are in the green card application process. If you’re interested in working while awaiting the approval of your green card, you should speak with your attorney at Pollak Immigration, PLLC; they can offer you situation-specific legal counsel.

What Sort Of Job Is Available While Awaiting a Green Card?

While awaiting a green card, there are no limitations on the kind of employment you can hold. As long as you have an EAD, you can work any lawful employment in the US.

How Can I Work While Awaiting My Green Card? Do I Need A Social Security Number?

If you want to work while you wait for your green card, you need a social security number. Your social security number does not come with an EAD by default. If you already have an EAD, you can still apply for one. The Social Security Administration will need an application you must fill out and submit.

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