How Is Medical Marijuana In NSW Used And Why Is It A Better Choice?

Medical marijuana in NSW is being used more extensively across Australia, with more and more patients turning to its use over traditional pharmaceutical products. Traditionally, pharmaceuticals have been prescribed for patients with a variety of conditions, including chronic pain, cancer patients, people with mental health disorders and many more. However, it is well documented that these pharmaceuticals can be addictive in nature and have many side effects. There are even pharmaceuticals which can be dangerous if taken in large enough doses. For these reasons, medical marijuana in NSW has become more popular, due to the lowered side effects and its effectiveness at treating a number of conditions. This product can be used in a variety of different ways, but it commonly comes in the form of an oil which is ingested in a variety of ways. It can be mixed in food, or a drink, or taken directly orally. It can even come in the form of a herb which is smoked, like the traditional recreational version of cannabis.

Here are 3 ways that medical marijuana in NSW can be used and why it is a better choice than many pharmaceuticals.

Lowered Side Effects

Medical marijuana in NSW typically presents significantly lower side effects, and the side effects that may present are not as severe as many other pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceuticals, such as opiates for chronic pain, can have side effects such as nausea, and if too much is taken, can lead to overdose and sometimes even death. The responsibility is placed on the patient, which can often have severe consequences. With medical marijuana in NSW, you are able to receive the same effects of pharmaceutical such as opiates, without the dangerous nature that comes with its use. It is also impossible to die from its use, eliminating the risk of overdose and death completely.

Non-addictive Nature

Medical marijuana in NSW does not have any ability to create a physical dependence. Addictiveness of pharmaceuticals has been a long running problem, especially in areas such as the US where they are over-prescribed. Opiates, for example, are highly addictive, and can create a physical dependence. This can lead to the user becoming heavily addicted to the medication, and may force them to purchase similar products from less than official sources. With medical marijuana in NSW, there is no possibility for physical dependence. There is a possibility for psychological dependence, however this is not as severe as a physical addiction and can be easily treated, and is less likely to occur when medical instructions are followed.

Ingested In Many Different Ways

Medical marijuana in NSW can be ingested in many different ways. It comes in different forms, and can be ingested through oral liquid form, which can be dropped into food or drink. It can even be ingested in its traditional form of herb, where it can be smoked if the user prefers. With pharmaceuticals, you usually do not have a choice as to how it is ingested. Those with difficulty handling and ingesting pills may struggle to take their medication. Furthermore, it can be difficult to manage different doses. With medical marijuana in NSW, you are able to control your intake and the doses easily due to the physical nature of the product and how it is ingested.

Overall, medical marijuana in NSW is a much better option that pharmaceutical products in many cases. It is becoming a very popular option for many patients, and medical marijuana in NSW is slowly becoming much more accepted within Australia and the medical community.