How Earn2trade operate, its features and affiliate program for traders: Detailed review 2022

The Earn2Trade educational business was founded in 2017 and is located in the USA. It provides retail traders with classes to be professionals and also virtual accounts that allow you to trade futures. Students who are the best and succeed in trading within the set conditions are allowed access to the capital of private trading firms. Earn2Trade review offers three rates that include subscription costs.

Benefits of trading using Earn2Trade:

  • Collaboration in this organization is only possible with paying a $90 subscription fee.
  • Professionally taught by experienced traders and approved through the National Futures Association that is the most trusted regulator of the market for futures.
  • Access to trading platforms that are free and advanced analysis.
  • The trading platform is CME. It’s the largest global exchange for futures.
  • A program for affiliates that offers different kinds of commissions.

Disadvantages of Earn2Trade:

  • Restrictive requirements for drawdowns and profits. If a trader fails to comply with them within certain conditions the progress he made is canceled and he’s forced to begin again.
  • Earn2Trade does not operate as a broker and, consequently, does not offer or guarantee the withdrawal of money from accounts that are real.
  • Customers of Earn2Trade are able to trade only on exchanges that offer futures. Alternative markets aren’t available.

The Earn2Trade affiliate program

The affiliate program for the company is protected through Post Affiliate Pro. This means that not only top-quality marketing materials, but also seven kinds of commissions are offered to affiliates. The commissions are cost per act (SRAs) as well as incentives for efficiency, lifetime incentives, etc. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $100. Cash is paid out once each month. The preferred method for depositing the funds will be PayPal.

Trading Conditions for Earn2Trade Users

Earn2Trade provides three rate plans to suit different trading needs. The minimum amount for investment is $90 that is a monthly fee that grants access to the simulator as well as accounts service. Customers of Earn2Trade can withdraw and deposit funds in a variety of ways as well as crypto transactions. There are platforms that are free to use. It is possible to use professional trading software however you’ll need to purchase an account.

Earn2Trade specializes in teaching clients to trade professionally for contracts for futures through CME Group exchanges. In order to achieve this it offers high-quality training, a no-cost trading simulator and information from Rithmic. Personal mentors and instructors of Earn2Trade have passed exams at the National Futures Association, i.e. they are experts in the field of derivatives trading.

  • Topstep is an online broker who provides loans to active day traders

Once the trader has demonstrated the effectiveness with his trade strategy, and his skills in managing risk and has established an actual funded account. There is no requirement to replenish your deposit in order in order to start trading as the account is being funded through Top step. The only thing you have to do is trade in accordance with the rules and limitations by the broker. Therefore, you won’t be risking your own money when you trade. If the income of the trader exceeds $5, Topstep pays the client the full amount. When the amount is greater than $5, then the client is paid 80 percent of the money made.

When you use an account that is a Forex simulation account trading is conducted using MetaTrader 4. On an account that is funded, the trade is executed using MetaTrader 5. Topstep has more than 14 trading platforms for futures. The potential for mobile trading depends on the platform since the broker does not possess its own mobile applications.

Good services provided by Topstep:

  • Economic Calendar: This section will look at a variety of economic and calendar events that are already noted. This information can help you adapt your trading strategy and consider any possible market changes prior to any changes.
  • Latest News: Here you will discover the latest news in financial news media, press releases, trader news, much more. You can filter the topics you are interested in or read articles by specific authors with filters.
  • Futures Magazine: The magazine is packed with information about the most recent news from the trading industry, various kinds of assets, and other information that traders can effectively use.
  • Coaching: You’ll have access to free group coaching with experts in the field as well as online coaching to help you develop your discipline and define how you trade.
  • Help Center: Support services aren’t always available, but often you need to visit this page to solve the issue because it has all the details you require prior to getting started at Topstep.