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If you’ve been waiting for the latest same day streaming movie on HBO Max, you’re not alone. The same-day release strategy has become the norm for big studios like Disney and Warner Bros. However, it has its challenges, too. While you can still see new movies in theaters, streaming services are the next best thing. Here’s a look at how Netflix and HBO Max can help you enjoy new movies.

HBO Max recently announced that it’s adding Warner Bros. movies to its lineup for 2021. The announcement surprised movie lovers everywhere. Dune director Denis Villeneuve called the move a “failure,” saying that the studio’s parent company, AT&T, had sacrificed the 2021 lineup to promote HBO. But the same day streaming movies will continue to be available to HBO customers until 2021.

HBO Max’s catalog is extensive, featuring everything from new releases to beloved classics. The service also has a vast collection of Studio Ghibli movies, which are not available on Netflix in the U.S. Fortunately, HBO is bringing HBO to the home of the moviegoing public, too. You can now watch the latest same-day streaming movie on HBO Max on Roku devices. Amazon Fire TV devices will also get HBO’s content in December 2020.