Five tips to Find Potential Investors

Almost everyone has witnessed the rapid expansion of SaaS companies around the world, particularly in Australia. Almost every day, a new online service is made accessible to you. But, how to find a SaaS investor in Australia? And why are they doing so? VCs have long been a part of the game, and they are frequently recognized as the most prominent SaaS investors of all time. As private fund holders, they aim to invest in the most promising entrepreneurs and receive a piece of their stock.

1. Make use of Crunchbase to find investors.

Crunchbase is the most popular place to look for venture capitalists and angel investors to help you establish your company. Many entrepreneurs have been using this site to find suitable investors.

You’ll find a significant number of potential investors here. This platform has a vast database of investors, but it also has a large number of firms listed on it. As a result, we support software entrepreneurs and SaaS investors in forging strategic alliances.

2. Take part in activities

In Australia, numerous software events assist entrepreneurs in obtaining the funding they want. If you are wondering how to find SaaS investors in Australia, one of the best ways is to attend The SaaStock Australia conference, which has previously been hosted twice and will be held again this year, is one of these events.

This event will surely help you, whether you’re looking for cash or advice on building your business. Another way to get your startup noticed is to attend a startup event. You’ll be able to interact with a range of possible investors when you set up your booth and aggressively seek out folks attending the event. You’ll discover more about SaaS events in this blog post.

3. Ask for recommendations.

You’ll need some industry connections when you first start your business. It’s critical to get the word out about your company’s brand so that potential SaaS investors are aware of it.

This can be done by acquiring recommendations from co-founders and other people with whom you’ve had a long-term relationship. Take advantage of networking with other industry co-founders and ask for referrals. Over time, you’ll undoubtedly create some beneficial business ties. These introductions can assist you in getting your ideas in front of a potential audience for saas funding.

4.The maximum number of slides in your SaaS presentation deck should be 15

A pitch deck is a presentation that isn’t in PowerPoint or PDF format. Choose the most professional service if possible. You should cover the following topics in your 10-15 slides:

  1. a) Problem
  2. b) Solution
  3. c) Market size (small niches rarely attract investors)
  4. d) Business model (how you plan to earn money)
  5. e) Unique selling feature
  6. f) Team (mention those members who will be dedicated in the long run).

Investors dislike seeing product screenshots, so make your presentation great by including a live demonstration of the product!

5. Meet potential investors at a convention.

Tech conferences in other nations can be expensive (and they are), but the benefits must be carefully weighed. You attend an event where everyone is trying to expand their network. You are a potential investor who has come to learn about your vision independently. The perfect location, physical presence, and one-on-one conversation


Although investors and potential customers have some characteristics, this does not necessitate nurturing. You should also avoid bothering potential partners with follow-up emails or phone calls to determine if they appreciate your offering.

They know how to tell you whether they enjoy something. Given the rising demand for SaaS firms and the active search by venture capitalists for such companies to invest in, you’ll discover the proper funding for your SaaS company in no time!