Factors Influencing the Price of A Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A dry and wet vacuum cleaner is a versatile cleaning equipment that is ideal for removing dry dust and wet debris using interchangeable brushes. It uses2 devices that can separate dry dust and wet spillswithout doing damage to the vacuum or motor. The exact cost of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in Kenya varies basedon various factors. We give you below 5 factors that can typically affect the price of a decent vacuum cleaner.

  • Power source

Vacuum cleaners use electricity derived from various sources such as hydroelectric power and harnessed solar energy. The electricity source of the vacuum cleaner depends on the Watts needed. Therefore, the price is higher for those cleaners that need a higher number of Watts. As a rule of thumb, the vacuum cleaners that operate on the most reliable and common sources of powerin Kenya tend to be less expensive. Thus, in terms of efficiency, try Riccar vacuumscleaners.

  • Design and structure

Weight, dimensions, maneuverability as well as maximum reachable distance areall elementsthat can affect the price of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner.It is important to consider the overall weight and dimensions of the vacuum cleaner you would be buying because they differ depending on the application and model. Moreover, the length ofthe power cable,the wheel type, and the trolley can also affect the price.

  • Motor size

The performance of the motor is a major factor that affects the wet and dry vacuum cleaner price in Kenya. The motors of vacuum cleaners are measured in horsepower or amps. More powerful motors have higher horsepower or amp, enabling users to clean more effectively thereby increasing worker productivity.  But they are pricey too.

  • Number of motors

Commercial vacuums have either single or double motors. Single motor cleaners drive both the brush and the vacuum whereas dual motor vacuums drive the brush and the vacuum using 2 separate motors.Dual motors can provide increased worker productivity, better cleaning results, and power cleaning times, and thereforeare more expensive.

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5) Filtration system

The cheapest vacuum cleaner will have a bag that can be reused. But the more expensive ones can have up to approximately 4 filtration systems. Expensive cleaners are more effective since theycan capturea large quantity of dirt. Because of the latter’s high efficiency, regular clean-up is not necessary too.


What you need to consider before buying a vacuum cleaner is how efficiently and fast can the user perform the job. Slower equipment may be cheaper but can be costly in lost productivity in the long run. Repairability and durability are also crucialthings to consider.Spend some time studying the weaknesses and the strengths of each model before committing.

Conclusion: Buying a wet and dry vacuum cleaner may seemlike a straightforward task.Nevertheless, with various models available in Kenya, you can easily overspend on a substandard machine. But if you want to make a purchase that would offer you the best value, especially if you have a tight budget to work on, then it’s better to consider the 5factors given above.