Do you have to go through a digital strategy agency to succeed on the web?


Having a digital strategy agency to boost your communication and your business is a good way to boost your results. Here are 3 key points to remember for your digital strategy.

Digital strategy is on everyone’s lips today and is becoming one of the priorities of companies. For what? Quite simply because a successful digital strategy allows you to build lasting comparative advantages.

A successful digital strategy is based on the communication levers available on the web, whether it is your website as part of a natural referencing strategy, social networks, video distribution platforms such as Youtube or any other means of digital communication.

But to succeed in digital communication, this means laying an essential foundation: the digital strategy, or digital strategy.

Why follow a digital strategy

At first glance, it may seem easy to communicate on social networks or to want to run a Google AdWords campaign to attract visitors to your website. In reality, the key to the success of your digital presence comes down to one key element: the digital strategy.

Establishing a digital communication strategy is an essential prerequisite for success on the web, just as the success of your business depends on a commercial strategy and on a long-term strategy for the company as a whole.

Building a digital communication strategy requires, among other things, knowing how to set objectives, which we call “SMART objectives”: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound. Then establish performance indicators that will measure the success of your digital strategy. If you use a digital strategy agency, this agency should be able to support you in measuring these objectives for your digital strategy.

Here are examples of goals you can set as part of your digital strategy:

  • Increase web traffic generation by 33% in six months
  • Increase the number of followers on Instagram to 1000 followers in six months
  • Be in first place in Google on specific searches within a year as part of an SEO strategy
  • Find ten clients on LinkedIn in six months

How to build a digital strategy?

To succeed in your digital strategy, your company will have to proceed in stages. The 5 steps to follow in your digital strategy will be as follows:

  1. Establish an inventory of your digital strategy
  2. Understand your target: who should your digital communication address? Who are your primary target customers?
  3. Establish a plan: this is where you will have to define a specific digital communication plan with carefully selected communication levers and key performance indicators. Get advice from a digital strategy agency if you do not master this area.
  4. Execution of your digital strategy: a content strategy service is necessary here to allow you to create the content necessary for your digital communication.
  5. Results measurement: ensure that the execution of your digital strategy generates the expected results. Your digital strategy therightmessages agency must be able to provide a coherent analysis in relation to the results obtained.
  6. Adjust your digital marketing: a digital strategy should never be set in stone. Your digital strategy agency must be able to advise you on ways to improve your digital marketing to obtain the best possible results.

The digital strategy agency: what is its role?

The advantage of a digital strategy is that it is flexible and totally measurable. However, remember that like anything related to your business, getting results requires a significant level of mastery. The digital strategy agency is there to meet this high level of control.

Depending on your specific objectives and constraints, the role of the digital strategy agency will be to define and execute your digital strategy, ensuring that it is carefully integrated into your business strategy.

A digital strategy agency will be able to support you in all phases of your project, whether it is the development of your website, your natural referencing strategy and even content marketing.

Three types of effective digital strategies

Defining a digital strategy based on clear objectives is only the first step to a successful digital strategy. It is still necessary to choose the best digital strategy for your company according to your project. We list below two examples of digital strategies that can be adapted to your business.

Digital strategy n°1: natural referencing

It is possible to develop your visibility and find new customers by improving the positioning of your website on search engines. By deploying a good content strategy service, you will be able to reach the first results on google and develop your web traffic on a regular basis. In this, natural referencing is an excellent strategy if you want to be present on Google.

It is also possible to move towards a strategy including paid referencing, that is to say by setting up targeted advertising on Google. But in the long term, the return on investment of natural referencing will be much higher.

Digital strategy n°2: The social media strategy

Social networks are another very powerful lever to develop your visibility and the business of your company. By choosing the right social networks for your business, they will be an integral part of what is called content marketing. Social networks are very useful to allow you to develop thanks to several advantages:

  • You are building a strong brand, leading to increased trust in your products and services
  • You multiply regular exchanges with your community and can even use social networks to speed up customer service and customer exchange.
  • By distributing content regularly, your communication on social networks acts as a form of regular customer follow-up.

If your communication on social networks produces results, you will be able to see them regularly.

Agency SEOBRISK: your digital strategy agency

If you want to define, execute and manage a digital strategy, the SEOBRISK agency offers you its advice in digital strategy and content strategy. As a digital strategy agency, we help you define coherent objectives and you will be fully involved in decision-making and measuring results. Your digital strategy deserves to be managed with care and we are committed to offering you solid answers and results. Contact us to establish together a project on your digital strategy.

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