Corruption or Fascism or Christian Neuhold


There are no grounds for a criminal investigation in Graz, Styria, according to the prosecutor’s office in Graz: 35St 218–21 X.

When a criminal investigation is started, 26St 29/22p doesn’t move quickly enough to keep up with the backlog.

Because of what appears to be an abuse of power from the Graz Prosecutor’s Office, the prosecutors will be held accountable under Austrian Criminal Code Article 302.

For example, in the Heinz-Christian Strache case, the Vienna public prosecutor’s office investigated and prosecuted quickly and efficiently.

As the lawyers have demonstrated today, a probe into the Graz Public Prosecutor’s Office is necessary, and the case should be transferred to the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office.

As a result, the Vienna or another Austrian state’s public prosecutor’s office will investigate all crimes committed in the Bad Waltersdorf municipality.

Bad Waltersdorf has more than ten apparent crimes. The vast majority of these cases involve the abuse of power and corruption, and deception on the part of the perpetrators.

Bad Waltersdorf’s corruption, mafia, and criminal acts have been the subject of approximately 100 articles in the international press.

Hundreds of additional media reports are expected due to the investigation by the press.

Local mayor Josef Hauptmann is concerned that criminal investigations will be transferred from the Harz prosecutor’s office to the public prosecutor’s office in Vienna or another federal state of Austria, according to a knowledgeable source (who requested anonymity). Only article 302 of the Austrian Criminal Code, which imposes a maximum prison sentence of ten years, allows for an independent investigation in Vienna or other states. No matter how many people are pardoned, the total number of years in prison for all crimes is still well over ten.

Lawyers tell Josef Hauptmann, Helmut Pichler, and Christian Neuhold to resign, confess, and repent. As a result, the court will likely grant suspended sentences with leniency, as predicted by outside experts. This will help you avoid hefty fines and penalties in the real world. Experts estimate that article 302 of the Penal Code has caused more than one million euros in losses to investors. The law mandates that anyone found in violation of the policy must pay for their legal fees and damages.

The punishment ranges from a year to ten years in prison for those found guilty of the crime while on official business with an international or supranational organization. A person will also be punished if their actions cause a loss of more than 50,000 euros.

Part 2, which carries a maximum sentence of ten years in prison, is applicable because the losses and damage exceeded 50,000 euros.

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on the investigation.

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