Commercial Tyres For Light Trucks and Vans


If you are a commercial vehicle operator or a Fleet Manager, then you understand why purchasing the best range of high-quality tyres not only makes good economic sense, but also it also affects your business operations too. When selecting tyres that are the right fit for your vehicle requirements, then your fleet can run more efficiently and therefore are likely to be more profitable.

However, finding the best commercial tyres for your light trucks and vans can be quite challenging, especially if you have experienced an unforeseen tyre failure and need a quick replacement.

It pays to do your research when initially choosing a commercial tyre range that meets your needs. We think that the fact-finding should start with commercial tyre manufacturers. There are quite a few leading manufacturers offering high-quality solutions, like the tyres found on the Maxxis Australia website. Another great source of information is your local tyre retailer. 

The beauty of engaging a retailer or tyre dealer is that they have knowledge of the tyres that are suitable for your vehicles, but also have inside knowledge on what customers before you have used and what their experiences were like.

The combination of manufacturer data, information on dealer websites, and your own internet searches will assist you in creating a great comparison, so you can make an informed decision.

Tyre Considerations

The size of your vehicle affects the tyre size and type

Having the incorrect tyre size for your vehicle can have both legal and operational ramifications. Most tyre dealers will recommend that any new tyres be the same size as the old ones. If you are unsure of what size your vehicle requires you can consult the owner’s manual. Alternatively, there is often a sticker located on the inside door panel on the driver’s side of the vehicle. This sticker is placed there by the manufacturer and has the recommended tyre details specific to your vehicle.

Tyre load capacity

If you are operating your vehicle for long distances and doing considerable driving stints then it is important to consider the strain that is being placed on your tyres. This is particularly important if your vehicle is carrying heavy loads and bulk freight. Load capacity has an impact on tyre performance, durability, and longevity.

It is a good idea to discuss the tyre capacity limits of your preferred tyre brands with a reputable tyre retailer. This will help to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan out of your tyres while ensuring the safety of your vehicles and driver’s.

Tread rating of your tyres

Tread rating is another important factor to check. Most tyre manufacturers use the UTQG system. This specification details tyre traction, treadwear, and operating temperature. The rationale is the larger the treadwear rating means that the tyre has a harder compound meaning the better the lifespan of the tyre.


When running a vehicle fleet time is money. Therefore, when choosing the tyre for your needs you should always consider the tyre warranty period offered by the manufacturer. At the end of the day, warranties are only as good as the company behind them, so it is also important that you choose a reputable brand like Maxxis Australia.

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