Car Insurance with Add-on Covers – A budget-friendly choice 


Have a car? Love to drive? Then we’re sure you must be equally passionate about making sure that it is well maintained and also insured on time. With the Bajaj Finserv App, you can now get car insurance anywhere, anytime. And with an easy customization process, you can also choose some of the most useful add-on covers as well.

What exactly is an add-on cover

Add-on covers are additional coverages that you can purchase over and above your base insurance plan for a nominal fee. They provide added protection to your car when you need it the most.

Car Insurance Add-on Covers

Below we have curated a list of add-on covers that you can buy with your car insurance plan from the Bajaj Finserv App.

Engine protector

While your engine keeps your car running and makes your drives smooth, keeping your engine in good shape is up to you. Most car insurance plans do not cover claims resulting from damage to the engine. However, if you purchase the Engine Protector add-on, your engine repair costs will be covered. 

Zero depreciation cover

This cover is also referred to as a bumper-to-bumper cover. With this cover, you can nullify the depreciation cost involved in the claim settlement. It allows you to receive the full claim amount as stated in the policy documents. In addition, the cost of depreciation of the spare parts is also covered. 

Key Replacement

Losing your car keys can be a nightmare and getting a replacement not just costs you money but also precious time! Key Replacement cover takes care of the expenses due to loss or damage to your keys and also covers the entire locking system. 

CNG Kits

With more and more people becoming conscious of pollution through vehicles and the need for cost effective fuel, CNG kits have gained immense popularity. Since the kits are usually fitted post purchase, they are considered an addition to the basic vehicle and not covered under insurance. You should purchase the add-on cover for fittings like CNG kits that are fitted externally/internally by paying a low premium amount. 

Conveyance benefits

This add-on cover is for the duration when your car is in service. So, your daily commute by public conveyance will be taken care of, under this cover. This is applicable only when your car is in servicing due to accidental damage. 

24/7 Road Assistance

Imagine being on a drive and being stranded due to a breakdown. To avoid any such situation, it makes good sense to purchase the 24/7 roadside assistance add-on. Services like tyre change, battery change, towing, etc are included in this cover. 

Consumables expenses

Consumable items of a car are nuts & bolts, grease, AC gas, lubricants, engine oil, distilled water, brake oil, oil filter, etc. A car insurance policy does not cover these items, but with this add-on cover, you get coverage for the same if in case these items are lost or damaged due to an accident. 

Accessories Cover

Only a few insurers provide coverage for accessories. And many car owners prefer having additional accessories fitted to their vehicle. It is important that you get an accessories add-on cover. Just in case your vehicle faces any kind of damage, the accessory repair cost will be covered with your vehicle’s damage expenses. You can get this cover for a very nominal premium amount along with your insurance policy. 

In conclusion,

When you buy a car insurance plan with add-on covers, you get the advantage of wider coverage. If you would like to explore plans and the various add-ons, visit the Bajaj Finserv app to get complete details and buy on our 100% digital platform! 

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