Boots: Only Young Men Should Tuck Pants Into Boots

In winter, it’s simply practical to stuff your jeans into your boots: they don’t get wet and dirty. But not every man suits the lumberjack outfit with loosely laced shoes over jeans..

Jeans in lace-up shoes: “The younger, taller, fashion-oriented man wears this look with lace-up boots.” Older men and those who wear elegant suit trousers should hide their boots under their trousers.

The Boot Should Always Have Laces

Boots over jeans stand for a casual, casual leisure look. That’s why boots should always have laces. “As long as the boot allows it in support, it casually laces the boot loosely and not completely tightly. The sock or the knee-high stocking can then flash out.

If you are not very slim, you should ensure that only a tightly cut trouser leg belongs in a boot. “Otherwise, you would very quickly make your good figure appear negative. You then appear stocky,” recommends Grau to the wearer. If you want to wear boots with your jeans despite being small, you should look for narrower trouser legs. And if you are full-figured, it is better to choose half-height ankle boots instead of boots.

Only Make An Exception In Bad Weather

It looks casual when the chinos or jeans are first rolled up, and the turn-up lies over the boots. “With a high lace-up boot, you roll it up to about mid-calf. With a half-height boot, you can roll it up just to the bottom of the boot. However, you should make sure that the last turn-up slightly covers the upper edge of the boot.”

If you want or need to get through the winter more elegantly, you should buy boots without lacing and pull your pants over them, says the personal shopper. But they make an exception for emergencies: if it snows, rains or storms, the suit trousers can be tucked into the boots for the way from the car to the office. But that could wrinkle the fabric. “To keep this within limits, the trouser legs are rolled up neatly, maybe a little higher than the boots. Or the pants are creased on one side.

How Do You Lace Boots?

Boots like brown combat boots for example need to be snug enough to provide support but not so tight that your feet feel pinched. This is best achieved by lacing evenly over the entire foot. Pull-on the ends until there is a little resistance and continue to the next row.

It is best to tie the laces crosswise for hiking or work boots. This laces the boots at angles that provide consistent strength. Plus, it’s easy to put on and take off. By lacing them over-over-under-under (rather than over-under-over-under), you minimize stress on the laces themselves, reducing the likelihood of them fraying and breaking. You’ll know you’ve got it right when you see a series of “X” patterns weaving crosswise across the tabs.