Best Programming Language for Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the most appealing field in the current industries. The topic is training a machine in such a way so that it can ease business operations. Training a machine is not as simple as it sounds, and we need to learn its language to start communicating with a machine. It is imperative to comprehensively learn at least one language to communicate with a machine successfully.

In this blog post, we will focus on a programming language, understand machine learning, its use cases, companies using machine learning, and what programming language is best to join a machine learning course.

What is machine learning?

Artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning is a subset of AI that makes it possible for any software program to locate and predict outcomes with greater precision and accuracy. Machine learning algorithms are derived from prior data to predict future outcomes or value outputs. Machine learning is helpful for many things, including spam filtering, fraud detection, malware threat identification, recommendation engines, etc.

Importance of Machine Learning 

Data is the most fundamental and crucial component of any organization, industry, or enterprise. The demand for data has grown along with the rapid evolution. Due to the large amount of information that contemporary technology has made it feasible to create and store, the amount of data has rapidly expanded. Global data generation is said to have increased by 90% during the previous two years. For this reason, machine learning is essential for data scientists and engineers.

Data scientists and engineers can quickly examine a lot of data and provide inference using machine learning. Altering how techniques for handling, extracting, and interpreting data are used made the work of data professionals easier.

Use of Machine Learning

Forecast: Additionally, machine learning assists in the time-based prediction of stock prices, hotel rates, taxi fares, and store sales.

Predicting the Traffic: Google Maps is your friend if you’re traveling to a new location and want to take the less-traveled route. The maps are handy for recommending when one should leave one location to get to a destination at a pre-determined arrival time. They also effectively display the correct path with the quickest route and predict traffic conditions.

Email Spam Filtering and Malware Detection: By using filters, machine learning also aids in the detection of spam and malware in emails.

Product recommendation or recommendation engines: When placing an order on e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and others, they automatically suggest comparable products based on the most recent product purchased and the most recently watched or browsed product. Statistical techniques are used to curate these product recommendations.

Healthcare: For the detection of non-terminal and terminal disorders, including brain tumors, cancer, and other terminal diseases, healthcare brands uses machine learning.

Image Recognition: Machine learning is frequently used to recognize things, people, places, and digital images. Famous use cases include image segmentation, object detection, and localization. Facebook encourages this feature as you can recognize your friend on Facebook just by adding friends’ names through photos.

Fraud Detection: For e-commerce retailers, banks, and payment merchants, detecting fraud in online transactions is one of their top worries. Machine learning helps meet this demand by developing models to ensure the transactions are secure and hunt down fraud clients.

Speech recognition – One of the most well-known applications of machine learning is speech recognition, which has transformed the way homes look. Voice recognition entails text conversion of spoken commands, and speech recognition or “Speech to text” are common terms. There are several virtual assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Home Speakers, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Auto-Corrections: Machine translation uses the sequence-to-sequence method to translate text from one language to another while automatically correcting spelling mistakes.

Trading on the stock market using algorithms: Recurrent neural networks (RNN) and long short term memory (LSTM) are two examples. The models are adjusted for the parameters when optimizing the trading methods while considering the rise and fall in stock prices.

What is Programming Language?

A language in which developers interact with computers is known as the programming language. These programming languages are written as instructions to conduct particular tasks in specific languages such as  C, C++, Java, Python, and R.

Best Programming Language For Machine Learning

There is so much confusion on which language is the best to learn to make a progressive career in machine learning. Every programming language plays a significant role in the machine learning industry, and the best depends on which industry you are considering to make your career in machine learning. Learning basic programming languages, such as Python, Java, R, C, C++, Scala, etc., is beneficial and used in almost every industry.  

Python is widely used to solve problems in all areas of machine learning. Additionally, SQL integration is possible in Python. It may be used to develop web apps utilizing Flask for model deployment, perform data mining and wrangling, visualize data, build models, and build pipelines. It offers numerous deep learning and machine learning frameworks. 

R is a procedural, functional programming language explicitly created for high-level statistics and data visualization. R allows for quick prototyping, works with massive datasets, and is valid for in-depth analysis for creating machine learning models. This dynamic, array-based language is compatible with several OS, including Windows, Linux, and OS X.

While on the other hand, Java, C, and C++ are used for web development to visualize the business online.


If you decide to make a career in machine learning, you are going on the right path because technology is evolving at a pace and machine learning is the world’s future. To make a successful career in machine learning, first, you need to build your skills in the same domain. Hero Vired is one of the online platforms started by the Hero Group, providing machine learning certification to interested individuals who want to kickstart their career in Machine Learning.