Bed bugs- All you need to know 

Bed bugs mostly feed on warm-blooded animals and are not bigger than an apple seed. If you hear bugs, you might think they fly, but bed bugs don’t, unlike most bugs. However, they move fast around floors, walls, and ceilings. Bed bugs are considered a type of pests that can cause skin irritation like itching, redness, bumps, and other similar skin diseases. Also, bed bugs reproduce a lot, so if you don’t get rid of them early, you might have a home flooded with bed bugs within a few days. But how to identify bed bugs? What are the symptoms of bed bug bite? Read ahead to know more about Detroit bed bug control:

  1. How to Detect Bed Bugs: It is crucial to identify bed bugs at the initial stage because they spread quickly. If you feel itchy whenever you touch anything like your cupboard or clothes, or if you are waking up with rashness or redness, your pillowcase or bed sheet might have bed bugs. You must take immediate help from a pest control service to get rid of these early.
  2. Where to Find Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are actively found in clothing, beds and couches, luggage, and other goods, wardrobes, and almost anywhere in your home. Bed bugs may enter your home from various items, not limited to the beds, as the name suggests. As they have a flat body, they can fit into the narrowest regions of your home and multiply into many.
  3. Bed Bugs bite symptoms: They won’t hurt when they bite, but you might wake up with little red bumps that are itchy. They suck blood like mosquitoes using a beak, but you won’t feel it when asleep. They usually take three to ten minutes to suck the blood before they crawl and disappear.
  4. How to treat bed bug bites?: Bed bug bites can take up to 14 days to be visible. In the early stages, you might feel itchy, or your skin might have rashes, but slowly, it can turn into a red bump. If you have many red bumps, you must visit a dermatologist and seek medical help. However, for little symptoms, try using antiseptics. In most cases, you won’t need a doctor’s help as it will fade away.

Treating bed bug bites is a temporary treatment. If you regularly wake up with little blood stains, itchy skin, and rash-like spots, you’ll need to find a permanent solution for these stubborn pests. Use chemical treatments available in the market for pest control, like insecticides or pesticides. But, it is wise to book a pest control service for a thorough cleanup.