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There is an array of modern appliances sold by BBQs 2u that make it simpler than ever to customize summer cooking, including outdoor Ooni pizza ovens, pellet grills for smoking meat, and Kamado Joe fire pits that delight outdoor cooking areas. All these items are great for specialty foods that are otherwise challenging to prepare. Recently, BBQs 2u added a new brand in their catalogue – The Blackstone Griddle.

The Blackstone Griddle, a topped cookware will become the next summer must-have. It is a simple, approachable new equipment that is perfect to enjoy cooking summer favourites and winter grills. To add a cherry on top, the brand has also introduced a grill with AirFryer Combo.

Air Fryers are considered a healthy alternative as they use less oil and retain all nutrients in food. However, all air fryers are kept inside the kitchen, which means it is difficult for homeowners to include a grill and air fryer together in any outdoor parties. Blackstone Griddle Air Fryer Combo is the first cooking oven that works outdoors. The space on the top surface is enough to fit a sumptuous amount of food like burgers, steak, veggies, etc. for a large group.

BBQs 2u is taking pre-orders for Blackstone 28-inch and 36-inch Griddles with Air Fryer. The retailer is also selling Blackstone Original 28-inch and 36-inch Griddle with Hood. BBQs 2u is the first to be an approved Blackstone dealer so they will get the sock in the UK first whether it is for the grill, AirFryer Combo, or Blackstone Griddle accessories. Check the link to be the first to place the order.

About Blackstone 

Since 2008, Blackstone has developed tremendously both physically and in terms of knowledge of terms of griddle cooking. They collaborate with trained chefs, backyard experts, and regular home cooks to create products that satisfy the highest standards. Although they are just another outdoor cooking equipment company, their products are created and manufactured in the USA using the most modern technology and innovation. Their primary concerns are the needs of the consumer and the design of high-quality products that produce the best outcomes.

With Blackstone 36-inch Griddle with Air Fryer, adventurous outdoor chefs can take their show on the road. When the experienced people at Blackstone say “cook anywhere and anything,” they stand for it. They are perfect companions for trips to the camp, lodge, or sporting venue because they are entirely transportable. The 36″ model offers a variety of options for the quality griddle and airfryer experience, including a full-length storage shelf at bottom, a magnetic strip for switch-out tools and knives, an integrated towel holder, and a detachable hardcover to safeguard the cooktop when no food is being prepared on it.

The Blackstone 36″ Griddle with AirFryer can be used to bake, roast, sauté, sear, and air fry. The meals are much more satisfying because of this special griddle. The 756 square inch cooking surface has all the space needed to prepare meals for large groups of people.

Upon purchasing from BBQs 2u customers also get the advantage of buying Blackstone accessories. Easy access to all Blackstone and its associated products. Blackstone Griddle AirFyer Combo and accessories are new to the UK market and BBQs 2u is the first to launch the product just like they did it with Masterbuilt. Rest assured the retailer doesn’t promote any products unless it is not been tried by their team.

Hence grab the first Blackstone Griddle with AirFryer Combo. Pre-order now and get it by Jan 2023 latest.

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