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Let me paint you a picture. It’s 5:56 on a Thursday afternoon. It’s late July, which means that the humidity level is hovering somewhere around 75-80 % and every time you walk outside it feels like you’ve taken a shower. You’re stressed. It’s been a tough day. If it wasn’t the ten new responsibilities your boss gave you, it was the thirteen other fires you had to put out. To add insult to injury, all of these fires were caused by people; who despite having less responsibility. Somehow manage to make more than you. It’s the kind of day where you feel all 240 of those grating seconds as the clock finally limps over the finish line. And thankfully, graciously strikes six. Then. In a flash. You’re gone.

You practically sprint to the parking lot. Nothing can stop you from reaching the sanctuary that is your automobile. You dive into your car, and you begin the journey home. While on your drive, a thought develops in the back of your mind. Like an apparition revealing itself to you, an image begins to form in your mind’s eye. You, candles, your favorite album, and that new bath bomb you’ve been meaning to try. The one that says warm and romantic on the side. Just like every summer night should be. Doesn’t that sound like heaven?

You reach the front door of your apartment. You’d just moved into the place, with your long-term boyfriend Kevin. He’s in the second year of his residency in cardiology at the local hospital. You’ve been dating him for around five years, and you’re still learning about each other every day. One thing you do know though. Is that the only thing he loves more than his work is you. Take for example today as you enter the apartment. Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary. Except for the presence of a package on the bar above your sink. On the side of the box, there’s a note attached. It says “I’m sorry you had such a rough day, but this arrived just in time and I think it’ll make it a little brighter.” Perplexed, you open the package. As you cut through the tape and take out the packing material you realize something. He got you the same amazon bath pillow you showed him the other day. The one you thought he barely registered. The one that only elicited a grunt. The response you thought meant that he wasn’t listening. But here you are with the same amazon bath pillow you showed him the other day. They say it’s the little things that you fall in love with. But after you had a day like today, that little thing. Felt like a really big thing.

Now some of my readers are probably wondering. Yes, this is touching. And we love a thoughtful king supporting his queen, but how does this affect me? How can a bath pillow help me in my life? Well, I’m so glad you asked!

Providing Some Postural Support

I don’t know about you, but when I get in the tub I like to lounge. And I mean Lounge Lounge. I’m talking luxuriously! A little glass of wine, maybe something a little trashy to read, you give me a night like that and I’m there for hours. The only problem is. Without any extra support. No matter how much I love it, my neck and shoulders don’t. The edge of my tub just was not designed with my comfort in mind. Sometimes I get out of the tub and my upper body is tenser than when I got in! And that’s the last thing I’m looking for after a night of relaxation. But with a bath pillow, I can relax for hours and hours without worrying about anything.

Releasing Your Stress

Now, this isn’t anything I’m particularly proud of, but I’ll admit it. I let myself get a little stressed. I know, I do it. Katie from our story above certainly does it, and I’m willing to bet you do it too. It’s a simple fact of life, that things can get pretty tricky. When our bodies start to tense up, and our brains start to feel a little turbulent. It’s important that we notice these feelings and find an outlet for them. If we bottle them up inside, then we’re liable to take out those negative feelings on just about anyone. One thing we never want to do is blow up at someone who doesn’t deserve it. That’s why when I look at something that may seem small; like a pillow for instance. I’m considering it in the grander context of how this will aid me in my ability to take care of myself. Will this help me give myself the care that I need so that I can be the best person I can be? And from my experience with this amazing aquatic cushion, I have to answer with a resounding yes!

You see It’s a belief of mine. That in this life, everything needs balance. I know, you’re a hard worker. You’re a Type-A personality with years of experience and even more in front of you. You have no problem putting in the hours, and your due diligence has seen some astonishing results. The only thing you’re forgetting about? Is yourself. This pace is fantastic, but if you don’t find a way to relax as intensely as you work? Then you might just burn out. Don’t let that happen to you. Even if it’s just starting with the purchase of a pillow. Have the foresight to relax and recharge, so that you can go a lot farther, for a lot longer!

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