A Rug Buying Guide for Pet Owners

When you’re choosing a rug for your home, you should think about how your pet will use it. While a dog slipping on the floor might be fun the first time, repeated slipping and sliding can put a strain on your pet’s joints and ruin your floor. The safety of your pet and the rug are both important considerations, so read this buyer’s guide before making your purchase.

Machine Washable Rugs

If you own a pet and are concerned about the cleaning of a rug, you may want to buy a machine washable rug. This type of hallway rug, different from bedroom rug, is inexpensive and easy to maintain. You can also get a custom one that meets your exact needs. You won’t have to worry about folding or ironing, which makes it perfect for pet owners.

The best machine washable rugs for pet owners are made from durable materials. They are not made from long, looped fibers, so they are not prone to staining and are usually low-pile, so they don’t attract stains and are easy to maintain.

Hand Washable Rugs

When it comes to rugs, pet owners need to be very careful to choose one that will stand up to the constant wear and tear of kids, pets, and their accidents. Rugs should be kept clean in the laundry and dried properly to prevent any damage. A good rule of thumb is to choose rugs that come in a similar color to the pet’s fur so that a pet owner can use the same rug to hide pet hairs and messes.

Washable rugs are often cheaper than traditional rugs. Most of them are made from polyester and other durable synthetic fibers. Some brands even pre-treat their rugs with a water-resistant layer so that spills can be cleaned easily. They can be machine washed once in a while for a deep clean, but this method is reserved for a limited time frame.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs for pet owners come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Some rugs are thick and long and have a higher pile than others. Pet owners should consider the size of the room they plan to place the rug in to determine what size is best. Generally, larger rooms require two or more rugs. Smaller rugs are easier to replace and pack up for cleaning. Smaller rugs can also be hand-washed to reduce the cost of rug cleaning.

Wool rugs offer great durability and stain resistance. Pet hair and dirt can easily be vacuumed out, which reduces the need to clean the rug frequently. When used properly, wool rugs also give off a warm and luxurious look. They can last decades if properly maintained.

Hand Woven Rugs

Hand woven rugs for pet owners can protect your floors from fur and pet dander. These stylish rugs are available in 7 different sizes and are ideal for households with a pet. In addition to being stylish, pet-friendly rugs are also more stain-resistant.

Pet stains and odors: One of the most common stains and odors caused by pets is urine. This can ruin your rug and leave a bad smell behind. It can also discolour fabric, and strip the dyes. Furthermore, pet fur may accumulate on the rug and reduce its aesthetic appeal.

Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are an ideal choice for any home with a pet. They can handle scratches from your dog’s claws while the dog sleeps with the owner, and their natural fibers make them stain resistant and durable. These rugs are also very easy to clean. If your pet has accidents on them, you can wipe them up with a soft cloth. It is also best to scoop any solids before wiping them up to avoid spreading them. You can also spot clean jute rugs with a dry cleaning agent, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You should never wet-shampoo your jute rug.

These rugs are available in multiple sizes to fit your home. You can choose between rectangular, square, and round rugs. You can also choose from a wide variety of colors. Depending on the size of your home, you can choose a rug that matches your style and complements your home decor.

Vintage Rugs

There are a number of great vintage rugs for pet owners available on the market. Many of them are designed to hold up to the abuse that pets can dish out, so you don’t need to worry about them tearing up your floor. These stylish rugs come in different shapes and sizes and are available in a range of colors and materials. You can also clean your rugs the way you clean your mattresses, and mattresses can be recycled too if the damage is big.

If you’re a pet owner, you may also need a rug that can hide pet hairs. A rug with a similar color to your pet’s coat can help hide shed hairs. Dark-haired pets are especially safe on black rugs. These rugs are also easy to clean at home. They make a great focal point in any room. The best rugs are those that can withstand stains from your pets. Pets track in mud from the outdoors, shed hair, and have accidents.


Choosing the right rug for your pet requires special considerations. For one, pets can be hard on rugs. High pile rugs, similar to shag rugs, are often unsuitable for use in homes with pets. High pile rugs can attract dirt and cause allergies in people, and they can also be difficult to clean thoroughly. Especially if you have a fluffy dog, high pile rugs will need more frequent cleaning.