A Quick Guide to Choosing a Good Winter Jacket


Riding a snowboard is great fun, as you can try your tricks and have a great day racing to the finish line with friends. And with the fun comes the responsibility of keeping yourself safe. So to thoroughly enjoy your snowboarding experience, you need an excellent snowboard, some accessories, and a snow jacket to keep you warm and dry. 

There is a wide variety of snow jackets available in the market. And when it comes to buying a winter jacket, a lot of buyers get confused as to what they shall pick. So, a buyer must realise that the purpose of a winter jacket is to protect them from the snow, keeping you dry and warm while you are exposed to cold weather conditions. As such, some jackets provide insulation, while others provide water resistance. Selecting a winter jacket should also depend on the types of activity you wish to perform while wearing the jacket. And if you plan to go snowboarding in your winter jacket, you should prefer a lightweight, snow-resistant, and insulating jacket. However, if you want a jacket just for walking down the street or casually hanging out with friends in the snow, you can opt for a heavier jacket.

So, as you further continue reading this article, you’ll learn about some more factors that must contribute to choosing a good winter jacket for you. 

How Does an Insulated Jacket Work?

When you look for options in an insulation jacket, you will come across two varieties. The first category is known as down insulation jackets, and they help you maintain your body temperature. So, you can buy a down jacket if you don’t live in extreme snow conditions. And if this jacket gets wet, it does not perform adequately and will not keep you warm. Also, when you buy a down jacket, make sure that you check its fill ratings to understand its insulation power. The higher the fill rating, the better is its insulation. 

The second category is known as synthetic insulation jackets, and they are made from polyester fibres which help you to remain warm irrespective if the jacket is dry or wet. So while you look for a synthetic jacket, make sure you emphasise the square meter count mentioned in the product description. The higher the sq meter number, the more polyester fibre is used in the jacket to provide insulation. 

Insulated jackets keep you super cozy in the chilly winters, and also work well when there’s a heavy downpour. Arcteryx has quite a decent variety of insulated jackets you’ll absolutely love!

What Is the Purpose of the Outer Shell of a Winter Jacket?

When you look for snow jackets, you get options of insulation jackets and outer shell jackets. Meanwhile, the other most popular choice is a 3-in-one jacket, while the purpose of the jacket is to protect you from getting wet. It resists the snow from entering inside the jacket and manages to keep you dry. Meanwhile, when you look for outer shell jackets, you will find two varieties. One is a waterproof jacket, and the other is a water-resistant jacket. 

A waterproof jacket can restrain the snow and keep you dry for longer durations. In contrast, a water-resistant jacket can only protect you for shorter durations. And if you decide to wear a winter jacket while playing a sport like snowboarding or anything else, it is best to choose a jacket with less weight to maintain your balance. But it would be best if you chose an entire sealed outer shell to keep you dry. But when you choose a winter jacket to be worn while doing day-to-day activities, you should prefer a 3-in-one jacket that can perform both functions to keep you warm and dry. 

When you purchase a jacket from an online or offline store, make sure you pay attention to the details mentioned above, compare the price of products, and lastly, judge the product based on its customer review. Nevertheless, it will help you to make a wise decision. 

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