6 Factors That Make Business Broadband Essential For Any Business


Residential broadband, as the name suggests, is designed purely for personal use while at home, while business broadband is intended for use when running a business. Running at faster speeds, a lot more reliable and secure, and with a number of other features specifically designed to help businesses operate, business broadband is the obvious choice for anyone who owns a company. While it does cost more, it is still affordable for businesses of all sizes in the UK.

Fortunately, with so many broadband deals in Essex to choose from, finding the right broadband package for your business needs, has never been easier, but why exactly should you choose a business broadband package?

What makes business broadband essential for businesses?

Helping your business to handle customer issues swiftly and more effectively, and better deal with cyber threats, business broadband can also help your employees work faster and more efficiently. As if that wasn’t enough, suppliers of business broadband also offer support to their customers 24/7, which can be invaluable when there’s a problem you can’t solve with Google’s help alone.

If you’re undecided as to whether to invest in business broadband, and still believe that residential broadband can meet all of your needs, here are 6 of the most common factors that make it a no-brainer for businesses of all sizes:

1. Faster speeds and reliable performance

With speeds that are typically faster than residential broadband, and a performance that’s unparalleled, if your business depends upon a quick and consistent internet connection to run its operations successfully, then it’s the only option you should be considering.

For handling transfers of big data, running applications that are cloud-based, or hosting conferences via video, business broadband is the best solution.

2. SLAs or Service Level Agreements

In most instances, service level agreements come with a business broadband package and outline your chosen provider’s commitment to reliability, uptime, and support for customers.

Helping to minimise downtime (which can be a silent killer for businesses) and limit any potential disruptions to the running of the business, SLAs typically include swifter response times and support channels that are dedicated solely to addressing any issues that may arise.

3. Preferential connections

Your business broadband in Essex deal may well put business traffic ahead of residential traffic, which will give you a more reliable and consistent connection at times of peak usage. For some businesses this can prove critical when trying to carry out tasks that demand internet access to be uninterrupted.

4. Increased security

Your chosen business broadband deal may offer extra features in terms of security, and might also give you the option of protecting business data that’s particularly sensitive.

From VPNs (virtual private networks), to firewall protection and other protocols specific to your businesses security needs, if security is a priority for you and your business, business broadband could put your mind at ease.

5. Flexible opportunities to scale up

Designed in many instances to help accommodate the growth and changing needs of a business, business broadband plans often offer customers contract terms that are more flexible, give them the chance to easily upgrade their bandwidth, and even offer extra services such as hosting solutions or IP addresses that are static.

6. Support that’s dedicated

Conveniently, business broadband usually provides its customers with support solutions that are designed to meet the exact needs of their specific business, including extendable hours for support, priority queues and tailored technical assistance.

Before signing up for a business broadband package, take the time to check whether it can offer you everything you need, at a price you’re comfortable with. Deals can vary significantly between providers, so carry out plenty of research and don’t be afraid to negotiate for the best package.

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