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ive been wanting to do a plz for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity. so here it is, my awesome friends and I are going 4ever! in america plz we will be starting out as a band, but in the not too distant future we could become an international sensation. ive thought about it for awhile but come on guys its not like im going to start drinking every night and hitchhiking around the world. this would just be ridiculous! well… at least if i can find a place that’s really accepting of people of all races, nationalities, sexual orientations and religions. ive seen places where its no problem to be white and black people coming together for the same purpose (boring music) or someplace with a majority of people from one race or religion (e.g. masterplan). i know there are worse ideas… anyways so my question is… are there any places you’d recommend that if its okay for white people to be together that blacks, latinos, and others should not have problems? Black folk might see us as weirdos or prudes but what if they see us as friends who want to get together at night club parties? It would make them feel welcome which makes them happy! In closing plz let me know if you have any recommendations and ill take your ideas forward in future articles.

Plz don’t be afraid to ask

So far, so good. I’ve answered your questions, listed what you can expect from me, and offered some tips. But what if I try and ask you something else? Instead of repressing the idea, just start a new conversation and invite questions about your favorite things and your city! If you keep avoiding the question, it may be because you don’t want to be the first to ask—or, you might be afraid of the answer. Whatever the reason, don’t freak out! Just continue to ask and you’ll Insanity16’s Posting Your First Question!

## Don’t be afraid to listen

and when you have an opportunity to ask a question, don’t be afraid to ask it. There’s nothing wrong with being shy or reserved when it comes to questions, but when you feel like you need to cover every bases and take your time before answering, it can be a problem. If you feel the need to rush through an answer or speak over someone, that’s okay. But don’t cut yourself off from the conversation or start talking over the other person. It’s natural to have these feelings and we all experience it at some point in our lives—most of us, anyway. Just hold on to your answers and see where it takes you.

## Try and build relationships

most of us, anyway. We’re all social animals and the more you interact with other people, the stronger your social bond will become. So, try to build friends with everyone you meet. Whether its clicking a button and helping out a friend move to another city or helping out a relative pick up some groceries, don’t be afraid to make an effort to establish a social bond with other people. Even if it’s just talking to them for a few minutes.

## Make sure its a safe environment before you arrive

It’s super important to make sure your neighborhood is okay with you before you arrive. If someone loitereth or sees you anywhere other than where you’d like to be, they could get really freaky or suspicious. If someone sees you walking in with a gun or knife in your hand, they could also start thinking about what can happen if they draw it in their own neighborhood. In short, make sure you’re okay with whatever it is you want to do before you get there. If you’re being followed, try to run in the opposite direction from where you were followed. If you have to take a wrong turn, take the exit that takes you back the right way. If you have to go somewhere you don’t want to be, like a bathroom or a small parking lot, don’t be shy in saying “no” to others. You’re probably getting in the way of something really important.

## Make yourself at home before you go out

In your post-plz-ness, you’re probably going to want to take a quick shower, change into something more comfortable, and head outside to enjoy the fresh air. And you may also want to take a quick walk around the neighborhood to feel a little more at home. But before you head outside, take some time to feel yourself, to relax, and to get your body ready for anything. It could be the most important decision you make for your new year. Before you leave, make sure you’ve packed your bag and are ready to go. It would be so much easier if you could just take everything in my bags and bring it with me, but you can always bring your own.

## Conclusion

i’ve been wanting to do a plz for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity. so here it is, my amazing friends and I are going 4ever! in america plz we will be starting out as a band, but in the not too distant future we could become an international sensation. i think we should all try to remember that we are all made of strength, and with that comes with Responsibility. We must take care of one another and if we do that then others will respect that. We must stand for something. We must stand for our beliefs. And if we do that then there are really no limits to what we can do. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t be afraid to ask. And if you make a plan, we will follow through!

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